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Violife for Pizza

When I popped into V Revolution the other day the guys there were raving about the new Violife for pizza hard block of vegan cheese. On their recommendation I decided to try it out and I have to say I was impressed. It's also the cheapest vegan cheese I've come across at £2.25 a block. It melted really well and had a pleasant taste. I used most of it on a Cheatin Ham and Pineapple pizza. I blogged a while ago about my forays into pizza making and I've progressed even further to using 00 flour and getting my bases nice and thin. I've been using this recipe which does most of the work in a food processor. We had enough of the cheese left over to try it with beans on toast and to mix in with mushrooms and pesto in a pasta dish. Whilst I don't eat masses of vegan cheese I'll definitely buy this brand again and look forward to trying it in a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich.

Pret Goodies

Now that I get a train into work Pret A Manger is on my radar as there is a branch in the station. My first encounter was with a Supergreens sandwich and I must say it nearly put me off trying anything else. The avocado was unripe and the dressing was mouth puckering with way too much lemon. However, I was much more impressed the second time round. I'm a massive fan of coconut water and was pleased to see it on sale here alongside delicious veggie crisps. Their kale crisps are pretty good too although I think the Inspiral ones just have the edge and I can get them from the juice bar in Piccadilly station along with Inspiral desserts. I  do have to recommend the dark chocolate covered rice cakes in the picture though. There was three in the packet and I rationed them out over the course of a day. The sandwich is the new Dukkah wrap. I'm a big fan of Dukkah ever since I got to review it for Can I Eat It?  and one of my favourite ways to use this spice blend is sprinkled on