Weekly roundup - superseeds, cheese and cornettos!

I've been continuing with sprouting seeds. This avocado toast is topped with homegrown alfalfa and I've had good success with sprouting red clover seeds this week too. Alongside the alfalfa sprouts the darker seeds on here are the Activated Sunseeds with Shitake from my recent Raw Living order which are my absolute favourite salad topper. The flavour of these things is incredible and elevates a simple meal into something gourmet.

Talking of gourmet we tried some hand made artisan cheese from Manchester based vegan cheese maker The Walnut Gatherer. We've tried a few flavours now with the garlic being my favourite so far but this red pepper cheese was lovely too. We've been rationing ourselves to a little at a time as it gets even better as it ages.

This was a new product I spotted in Marks and Spencers this week. They were 80p for around 8 chocolate buttons. The buttons had dried raspberries and pieces of candied orange embedded in them. One for lovers of dark chocolat…

Growing your own, bargains and a breakfast recipe

I've started sprouting again! In my old flat I used to do sprouting all the time. The flat was in an old 1930's building and had radiators run from a central boiler room and it was always nice and warm. The constant warm temp made sprouting pretty fail safe. Now I'm in a Derbyshire stone house where it's not as warm the results haven't been as great and I gave up trying  but with this very hot summer we are having I thought I would give it another go and I'm glad I have done. As I already have the seeds it kind of feels like free food too! I'm using these sprouts from A Vogel.

This week I've grown alfalfa but pictured is my first attempt from the week before which was a mix of radish, lentil and rocket which grew into lovely peppery tasting sprouts that we used to garnish our bowl meals for the week. These took 4 days to grow and I nearly gave up on day 2 because I could see mold. Luckily I googled and found out that it wasn't mold at all but root h…

Hauls, bargains and what I've been making

I'm going to start this week with a couple of bargain hauls. Our Co-Op supermarket is closing down and the premises will become a B and M Bargains. It's sad because it's in a great location right next to the train station and it could have been a fantastic store but unfortunately it's been left to get more and more run down over the years and no money has been invested in it. It's frustrating when we go to other places and see the new style Co-Ops and see what it could have been like. I feel so sorry for the staff and also the post office who share the building is now under threat and have a year to find a new location. As a result of them closing a lot of the stock has been sold off at clearance prices. I picked up coconut sugar, cacao powder, maca and goji berries that were around £1.50 each. These will be very welcome in our breakfasts over the next few months.

My second haul was a online order from Raw Living. Raw Living is Kate Magic's online raw food bus…

Treats, bargains and less waste!

It's been a busy week. As well as my paid job I've been volunteering at the bookshop, attending a preview at Salford Museum and Art Gallery where I have a piece of art work in the 2018 open exhibition and having my first speech therapy appointment to learn techniques to help with my chronic cough (not going well so far but I'll persevere). I've also been having trouble sleeping so I made sure to take some down time to rest at the weekend, catch up on some Netflix (series 2 of Glow) and indulge in a few treats.

Matt was away playing at a festival on Saturday and I was struggling with fatigue so this little noodle pot was perfect for lunch on Saturday. We don't usually buy stuff like this as they are expensive but we picked some up when they were on offer for camping a few weeks ago and then didn't end up having them. Unlike other noodle pots there are no weird ingredients, they are gluten free as well as vegan and the pots are recyclable.

Another Saturday treat …

My Vegan Wedding

Hello! I am still alive. I haven't blogged for such a long time but thought I would pop on for an update and to say hello. I do miss blogging sometimes so you never know I might just resurrect the blog. When I last posted I was just about to do a 5 day raw food course with Kate Magic. I had a great time and have just booked onto another 3 day course with her later in year.

Life is still throwing some health challenges my way. I have recently been diagnosed with asthma and am on daily meds for that and also vocal cord dysfunction. I'm going to be seeing a speech therapist for the vocal cord dysfunction in the hope that learning some breathing techniques can help lessen the attacks. I'm still dealing with chronic cough too and have come off morphine after a year and a half. Some days are better than others and the horrible fatigue I was getting is better in this warm weather at least and I'm feeling positive for the speech therapy. But let's get onto the good news ..…

Om Yoga Show

The Om Yoga Show was a couple of weekends ago. I went last year on the Saturday and had a great time so when I won a weekend pass for two people I was determined to make the most of it. The show is held in a big modern exhibition centre space and this year entry also got you into a Mind Body and Spirit fair in an adjoining room. Between the two fairs was an amazing vegan food court.

Matt is not into yoga but I persuaded him to come along for the food. One especially big draw for us was that Pomodoro E Basilico had a stall. We tried their food a few years ago when they were part of a pop up near the Shard in London on the recommendation of Joey from Flicking The Vs (thanks Joey). We loved their food so much that we have since ordered Christmas treats (including gorgonzolla cheese!!!) from their Etsy shop which you should definitely check out.

I went for this colourful, healthy Buddha box whilst Matt went for the seitan burger. When I went back to the show on the Sunday with my sister w…

Cocktails for Breakfast!

Last Saturday I blogged one of my favourite weekend breakfasts and I thought I'd share a new addition to my breakfast arsenal today. Since my long term meds are not compatible with alcohol my lovely collection of cocktail glasses have been gathering dust. Until now that is. Earlier this week I spotted this Mocha Caramel Chia Pudding recipe on twitter and made it immediatley. It was so good I made it again to set me up for visiting the Om Yoga Show yesterday.

My biggest marguerita glasses were the perfect receptacle. This takes slightly longer than overnight oats to make but it's well worth the effort. You make the mocha, maple, vanilla chia oats the night before. Then in the morning you prepare and add the next two layers. It's still pretty quick to do and it makes for a very decadent tasting breakfast. The second layer is supposed to be banana nice cream but with my body temperature issues especially in the mornings, eating frozen food at that time of the day is a no no. …