Sales, bargain hunting and my new favourite crisps!

Lucy Bee is a brand that's been on my radar since I was a reviewer for Can I Eat It App as a few years. They are a really ethical brand, supporting fairtrade farming and not using monkeys in the production of their coconut products. Added to that their products are excellent quality. I don't usually go on mailing lists for brands but I've been on theirs for a while and they have pretty good newsletters. A few weeks ago one arrived with news of a sale. Recently they've branched out from coconut oil into other areas and good bargains were to be had as they are re-branding their products. Here is the link if you are interested.

The items I chose were around half price. This huge jar of coconut oil was £5 and the cacao was £3. We seem to get through a lot of cacao so I got a couple of these!

I was intrigued by their claims that this 'true cinnamon' from Ceylon has more health benefits than cassia cinnamon. It's the time of year when cinnamon is sneaking into everything so I thought I'd give it a try.

A friend gave us a tub of this turmeric latte mix at the start of the year and I've been using it in chia puddings as well as drinks. We've nearly ran out so it was good to stock up on some more. I blogged my chia pudding recipe here.

When the package arrived there was a surprise gift which was a really nice touch. In my attempts to cut back on waste I've recently gone back to soap instead of shower gel and I'm looking forward to trying this coconut oil soap when my current bar ends.

More bargains were to be had this week in the form of these chocolate bars for 59p each from Poundstretcher. I'm loving dark chocolate with sea salt at the moment and roasted almonds are always a winner. These are from the Velvet range and are a little lighter tasting than the regular Green and Blacks dark chocolate.

Almond Breeze for 69p. Yes please. I always snap up any bargain long life milks for the pantry. We get through a lot with various breakfasts.

These Jamie Oliver brushetta toppings are great at 59p. Perfect for when you just feel like toast for tea but also good on a pizza or stirred through pasta.

I think my bargain of the week was these boxes of Lazy Days cakes I picked up in Aldi. They are vegan and gluten free. They crop up quite often in the specials section at Aldi but they had been reduced even further to £1.29 each. They are always handy to have in for unexpected visitors as you get 5 squares to a box. I think the tiffin is my favourite though they are all good.

Finally I picked these up in Aldi. I'm sure you are familiar with the pea snacks from Yushoi. These popped chickpea snacks are new though and they are AMAZING. They are GF as well as vegan and the RRP is £1.80 but they were on offer at 99p. They also come in fire roasted chipotle flavours. If you see them try them!


  1. If you're ever in the market for a second career, I think Bargain Finder in Chief is your calling! You always discover all sorts of amazing bits and pieces. I love the Yushoi pea snaps, so I'm now going to go hunting for the inclusions (not sure about the name though, but everything else sounds great!)

    1. Haha, I would love that job! I know what you mean about the name? I can't think what it means unless it refers to including special diets, it's a strange one!

  2. The Jamie Oliver brushetta toppings sound so tasty. I love things like that with pasta for a super easy meal.
    The inclusions sound great. We have these pea snacks called Harvest snaps and they're soooo addictive!

    1. We had the artichoke bruscheeta topping on bruschetta and also on a pizza to finish off the jar. Going to try the tomato and red onion one stirred through pasta tonight.

  3. Such great bargains! Has that Lazy Day brand been around for ages? I feel like I had one of their things when I was in the UK.... the name is so familiar... but that was years and years ago!

    1. They have been around for a while and have really expanded the range in the last few years. I think they make stuff for other people too as there are a few supermarkets now with similar products under their own names.


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