Thursday, 19 December 2013

Leftover Mincemeat?

Do you have any left over mincemeat that needs using up? I made mince pies with some fab Duerrs Mince meat with dark chocolate that I found in B and M Bargains. There was about a third of the jar left over though and I was pleased to find that it was exactly the amount needed for this Vegetarian Society recipe for mincemeat muffins. The resulting muffins were lovely and light.

Aren't these paper cases great? They were a birthday present and are from Lakeland.

Christmas Dinner Number 1

Apart from Christmas day I've not got any work's Christmas meals this year and I managed to be ill with a horrible lurgy and miss all the vegan Christmas meals happening in Manchester. I was starting to feel better though last Sunday so I made one at home. It was our first time trying a Vegusto roast. We chose the Porcini one and really liked it. It reminded me a bit of roast beef if I had to compare it to a meat. It was great with mustard and cranberry, stuffing, roast veggies and loads of gravy. On the side is some lovely Prosecco that I was trying for a vegan Christmas wine review.

I went for a light dessert rather than a pudding. These mango sorbets are from Lidl and were gorgeous. There's quite a lot of packaging in that they come in these plastic flutes but I've saved them to reuse as picnic glasses so that didn't seem so bad.

I still haven't decided what our main will be on Christmas day. What's everyone else having?

Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy Kale

Happy Kale sent me some samples recently of their products for one of my Can I Eat It? reviews. At the moment they do two different flavours, BBQ and Carob and Coconut. They interested me as they are doing something different from the usual cheezy, cashew flavoured kale chips. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of these flavours but it was interesting to try something different. What I wasn't prepared for the sweet savoury thing which is even going on in the BBQ flavour. I even went out and bought some more of the Coconut and Carob ones to try them again. The second bag got me hooked.

What was different on the second bag was that I got past my expectations of what kale chips taste like. I forgot that I was eating a vegetable. The kale really isn't a focal point. Sure it provides a crunchy vehicle for the toasty coconut and caramelly carob flavours but just sit back and enjoy the ride. I was eating these at my desk on my lunch break when they suddenly gave me a massive taste memory.

Apologies for the blurry picture but it was the only one I could find on the internet of the original packaging. Spanish Gold - Sweet Coconut Tobacco! As someone who grew up in the Seventies and used to get 5p for sweets, Spanish Gold was a rare purchase. I think it cost around 5p a pack and I'd rather choose a mixed bag of 1/2p and 1p sweets than blow my money on one item. It was, in my eyes at least, considered a real luxury sweet but one that I loved on the few times that I had it. I seem to remember it being available in an actual tobacco pouch as well. Imagine my surprise to find that with the rise of retro sweet shops it is still available to order and what's more is vegan friendly! Although of course the advantage of Happy Kale is that it's not full of sugar too.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone reading is ok. I know Christmas isn't the easiest time of the year for lots of people for lots of different reasons. It was ten years ago last week that my dad died and to be honest Christmas has never really felt the same since then. I do try to get into the spirit of things though. 

The nativity scene is in it's traditional spot on my bar.

My old childhood toys have come out of their basket for a visit.

This family of Father Christmas's hang out in the window.

The Christmas tea cosy is on the tea pot.

As usual I've bought a little real tree from the Christmas market in Albert Square.

My ornaments have been collected over the years. Some are from travels and lots are made by friends. There's a bit of a food theme going on too.

Santa banana is joined by Santa Carrot and Santa Hotdog.

And to crown the tree, what better than an asparagus tip!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Foods

This weekend we've got stuck into trying some Christmas foods. Matt's friends from Uni came over on Friday night so we put together a buffet and they helped out with trying some vegan wines from Co-Op and Waitrose that I'll be reviewing for Can I Eat It? over the next couple of weeks. The stuff in the first picture is the frozen V Bites 48 piece buffet pack from the V Bites Seasonal range. This was quick to cook and contained samosas, pork and cranberry sausage rolls, duck spring rolls, mini quiches and two types of pizza bites. I wasn't expecting much from the pizza bites but I think they were my favourites out of the pack. Instead of a bread base they are pizza topped puff pastry and are very tasty. The spring rolls were interesting too and would go well with some hoisin sauce or sweet chilli sauce to dip them in.

We also had lots of salads including this colourful mango salsa, homemade red cabbage coleslaw, sundried tomato and kalamata olive tapenade and sunflower seed pate.

For the sweet section of the buffet we had seasonal Speculoos biscuits found in Quality Save and Luxury Black forest Stollen from Aldi which I was dying to try after spotting this review. I could only find the budget version (also vegan) in the Manchester City Centre store which didn't look that nice but was delighted when the Luxury version turned out to be right next to the checkouts. It's £3.99 and worth every penny. At the back of the picture was my baked contribution to the buffet which was the Cherry Chocolate Chunk mini loafs from Isa Does It made as muffins and served in cupcake wrappers with reindeer toppers picked up for pennies in Quality Save. These were a hit and I will definitely make them again. They're lovely and rich in part from the almond butter in the batter.

The weekend also coincided with the start of a rotten cold so I've not been doing much other than alternating between bed and the sofa watching tv. Yesterday afternoon we were watching When Harry Met Sally and I went to make a brew just after the scene with the wagon wheel coffee table. When I came back to the sofa an early Christmas present of a vegan wagon wheel was waiting for me!

Wow, these hadn't even been on my radar! It was delicious and even nicer than I remember wagon wheels being. It was also quite filling and I happily shared it.

I loved the attention to detail with the Eat Me stamp.

The chocolate drizzled on the back and coating the sides was nice and thick and good quality.

The inside is sandwiched with marshmallow and jam. I'll definitely be looking out for these again.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

V bites Vegi Deli Seasonal Range

I have another blogging hat. A few months ago I started doing a weekly blog for the Can I Eat It App reviewing products suitable for vegans. It's an App that lets you scan barcodes with your smartphone to see if they are compatible with your dietary requirements. They are also on Twitter and there's often food give-aways so it's well worth a follow. I've got to try some fabulous products including some things brand new to the market.

V Bites (nee Redwoods) sent me their Festive Range to sample.  It's meant Matt and I have been having some lovely buffet style meals. Pictured above is the Brussels Pate with Cranberry, Sage, Onion and Cranberry Style Bites and a Cheezly cheese board with red, blue and cranberry Cheezly. The range also contains lots of other 'bites', different flavoured sausage rolls and buffet packs. Check out their website to see the full range and for special offers. I'm still working my way through the range but standouts so far are the pate and the Festive Pasties.

The pasties contain turkey pieces, sausage, cranberry, carrot, potato, gravy, parsnip and even Brussels sprouts. Yes, that's right Christmas dinner in a pasty form featured here with extra roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts and gravy on the side! 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mochi Ice Cream

I spotted these on Goodness Direct and a few other places recently and thought they sounded interesting. Although I like Japanese food I've never really tried mochi but I love coconut based icecream and the flavours sounded really nice - strawberry, mango, vanilla, green tea, black sesame, chocolate and coconut. I had completely forgotten all about them though until the other week when I had a fruitless search scouring every Chinese supermarket in Manchester's Chinatown for agar powder. What every supermarket did have though was these. They all sold them in boxes of their individual flavours and in this mixed box. 

They were cheapest in the last supermarket I went in at £3.15 and seeing as that was more or less what change I had in my purse I saw it as an omen to buy them! The verdict - well worth a try but I'm still not totally convinced by the mochi bit. This is the outer skin which is made from a sticky rice dough. I think it was a textural thing and I might grow to like it! However, the icecream inside was a different matter and very nice with both the dough and the icecream carrying the same flavour. I've still got the strawberry and black sesame to try. The only one I wasn't too keen on flavour wise was the Green Tea which was a little bitter for my tastes but then I do only like weak tasting green tea. If you're having friends round for a Japanese meal or just looking for a really different, fun dessert these would definitely be worth hunting down.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Birthday Treats

I had a birthday last week. Matt made me the lovely tea pictured below. Whenever we have a hire car we always try to make a trip to the massive B and M Bargains in Gorton. Last time we went one of the vegan treats we found was a vegan friendly pesto. Said pesto inspired the tea which was a puff pasty roast vegetable and olive tart with pesto roasted potatoes. I've never thought to do potatoes like this but we'll definitely be having them again. They were new potatoes that were boiled then tossed in pesto and then roasted in the oven. Mmm, really good.

In amongst my lovely birthday presents from family and friends were a couple of specifically vegan things I've been wanting for a while. I got my first pair of vegan docs.

And, the new cookery book by my cookery hero. I can't decide where to start with making stuff from it. Has anyone else made anything yet? As usual with Isa it all looks amazing!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Manchester Vegan Potluck

Manchester Vegan Potluck has been running for a year. Until now I've been drooling over the photos on Facebook but always been double booked. Happily tonight I finally made it to one. The theme was Autumn and there was a great array of both sweet and savoury goodies. 

I was too busy tucking in to note down the names of all the dishes but off the top of my head there was a sausage and apple casserole, toad in the hole, Lancashire Black Peas, cherry beer chicken, mini steak pies and cheese pies, seitan roast stuffed with maple root veggies and an array of sweet pies, Eve's pudding and pumpkin choc chip muffins. My contribution was walnut and orange humus and chocolate chai cookies. There'll be one more this year in December. I'm hoping I can make it. It's such a great idea and you get to try some really creative vegan food. Jenny (of the blog Spice Box Of Earth)who organises it told me that someone bought Christmas sushi to the December one last year!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tibits Cookbook

I have to admit I've never been to Tibits. If you're not aware of it, it's a buffet style veggie restaurant in London. I've always been impressed by what I've seen of it on other blogs and I was gutted when they recently invited me to some vegan tasting days and I wasn't able to make it to any of them. However, they also sent me a copy of their cookbook, Tibits At Home. I've tried out a few of the recipes and I've been very impressed so far. The book is vegetarian though I'd say about 50% of the recipes are vegan with more being easy to sub ingredients and make vegan. First of it is a beautiful book to look at, a real coffee table stunner, packed with lots of great colour photos and food styling that puts my efforts to shame!

The first couple of dishes that I tackled were soups. Above is Tomato Soup with Lemongrass and Coconut Milk and below is Parsnip Soup which also contained potatoes and was delicately flavoured with lemon. Both soups were a winner, were very easy to make and I would definitely make again.

This last dish I've already made twice including for a dinner party. It's called Warm Dahl with Spinach and is at the back of the plate. It's a wonderfully creamy twist on a classic dahl with the inclusion of a tin of coconut milk. Again it was easy and quick to make. The book is also good on salads and simple veggie dishes. There's no fake meats or cheeses or even much in the way of soy products. The emphasis is on vegetables and light, clean dishes that aren't overcomplicated.

To check out some more dishes from the book pop over to Emma's blog at Coconut and Berries. If you've not looked at Coconut and Berries before you must check it out. It's a lovely blog that I only became aware of during this years Mofo. I love Mofo for new discoveries, especially finding other UK vegan food blogs.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tropic Skincare

I've only ever watched one series of The Apprentice but it happened to be the one a couple of years ago where Susan Ma reached the final. She was my favourite out of the Apprentices that year and her idea was to develop her existing skincare range. Fast forward a couple of years and although she didn't win the series Lord Sugar chose to invest and the full range of skincare products and make up was launched earlier this year and has already won several awards. It's sold in the same way as Neal's Yard and Body Shop sell their stuff in that you book an 'ambassador' to come to your house to do demos for you and your friends and you can then order any products through them. As the host you get 15% of any sales to use against products for yourself. I booked a party as one of my friends had started selling it and the range is completely vegan. I must say I was really impressed with the quality of the products which smell amazing. I've got a bit lazy about looking after my skin and as I'm about to have a birthday and will be ticking the next age bracket on forms I treated myself and bought the box set of the full facial skincare range.

Of course I couldn't have people round without doing some baking. I made a coffee and walnut cake with speculoos frosting, a chocolate chai cake with coconut and cardomon frosting, lavender shortbread and chocolate chip and rosemary cookies. I also splashed out on some of the new Pukka Teas and can report that the Peppermint and Liquorice and the Earl Gray with Lavender are both excellent.

Going back to the spread the chocolate chip rosemary cookies are a new Isa recipe. They are part of the new video range that she's just brought out and are predictably excellent. I'm getting Isa Does It for my birthday and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Has anybody tried anything from it yet?

Edit - My skin has responded really well to the products, I'm really enjoying using them.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Oak Street Cafe

I've just spent a lovely afternoon tasting great food and wine in the company of Polly from Creative Tourist, Matt from Northern Quarter Manchester (both great sites to check out whether you're a local or visitor to the city) and fellow vegans Andrea of Chocolate and Beyond, Sophie of Hasta La Vegan and Sophia who organises the fabulous vegan Tuesdays at the Salford Arms. The venue was Oak Street Cafe in Manchester Craft and Design Centre. Owner Karen explained to us how with the exception of one or two dishes the food they serve is vegetarian with lots of it being suitable for vegan or gluten free diners. Chef Liz has been known to whip up dishes at short notice for visitors with multiple food allergies and they pride themselves on having something for everyone. The emphasis is on local, fresh and ethical fayre using suppliers such as Unicorn, Barbakan and Marble Beers.

We started off with this flavourful tasting plate. The thai tomato soup tasted like the best kind of homemade tomato soup, delightfully fresh with a nice surprise of toasted peanuts in the bottom. Next to this is a cup of Yam curry which was probably the stand out dish of the afternoon, everyone around the table absolutely loved it. It was a really creamy coconut curry with big chunks of yam and just the right balance of heat from the chilli. Next to that was a flatbread topped with homemade falafel and leek tart with a flaky pasty base. The flat breads are part of the standard cafe menu and the other dishes are great examples of the changing daily specials that they serve.

The cafe always has tasty salads and the examples today were no exception. On the left in the photo is an unusual mix of rainbow beetroot and cho cho which is a type of Mexican pumpkin! It was beautifully flavoured with lemon zest and fennel giving it a sweet tang that I thought was inspired. On the right is Bombay potato. This was no ordinary Bombay potato though as this appeared to consist of chunks of baked rather than boiled potato which took it to another level.

This plate was beautiful to look at as well as taste and is filled with baked baby aubergine drizzled with tahini dressing and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. The cafe has recently got a license so alongside the food we also got to try the wine range. They do a white, rose and red which are made by a small family run co-operative in La Mancha, Spain which are all vegan and which were great matches for the type of fresh, fusion food that the cafe serves.

The afternoon was finished off by trying samples of the cake they had in the cafe that day, two of which were vegan. The banana, date and walnut tea loaf was made with spelt flour and the sticky toffee date flavours would go really well with coffee. The cafe serves both caff and decaff and also a nice range of loose leaf tea blends.

I really, really enjoyed the Chocolate, Amaretto cake. Liz told us one of her tips for vegan cakes was to use Oatly instead of soya cream. The ganache topping on this cake was perfect so that's a tip I'll definitely be remembering. Liz will also take orders for vegan Christmas cakes and offers non fruit but still seasonal varieties too. I only started going to this cafe a few months ago but it's become one of my favourite places in the city centre. It feels like a calm little oasis, has free wifi and of course there's all the wonderful artist studios to have a look round too. I'll leave you with this little film they made last Christmas that gives you a bit more of a look at the place.

Craft Centre Christmas from Manchester Craft on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 November 2013


I've been trying to sell my flat for the last six months but sadly have not been having much luck. Probably the fact that there's been a question hanging over things about whether the building was getting a new roof hasn't helped. The roof work is now definitely going ahead which is great news and I reckon the viewings will pick up once it's finished. In the meantime however another positive thing that happened is that an Indian Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant has opened just 15 minutes walk away. Yep, it's all veggie!!! 

It's called Sanskruti and is in the Ladybarn area of South Manchester. It's a family run business with extensive vegan choices. The menu is divided into Chats/Starters, Punjabi dishes, Gujarati dishes, Dahl/ Kadhi and then all the accompaniments of rice and breads. We tried a takeaway a few weeks ago. The round things at the front of the plate are Sev Puri which I loved and will definitely get again. Over to the left is Ringnan no Oro (a Gujarati aubergine dish), tarka dhal and half of a masala dosa. The takeaway menu didn't have a chilli rating but you can specify for most things to be made hot, medium or mild and without onion or garlic on request. I have an allergy to some chilli but I could eat everything here, hooray! I'm looking forward to working my way through the rest of the menu whilst waiting for the flat to sell.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Manchester Vegan Fair

This weekend I ran a stall at the Manchester Vegan Fair. The stall was for Cake Liberation Front, a social group that I set up with some friends.

The aim of Cake Liberation Front is to promote vegan baking and smash the stereotypes of dry fruit cake or soggy banana bread. We meet up every few months in Manchester and people bring some amazing cakes and baked goods, such as these peanut butter and bacon cupcakes made by Sophie who writes the Hasta La Vegan blog. I've had a coconut bacon recipe bookmarked for a while now and after trying these I will definitely be making it!

The stall was really just to let people know about CLF and maybe encourage people from outside Manchester to set up their own group. There's graphics and posters that are downloadable from the website that people are welcome to use. We gave away free samples of a vegan Chocolate stout and Cranberry Tea Bread, my own recipe from the cake liberation front recipe blog. I'm pleased to say that loads of people came to talk to us, try some samples and sign the mailing list. 

The vegan fair was great. There were animal charities, book stalls, activists, and a lot of food stalls.

V Revolution were doing pulled pork n coleslaw and mac n cheese along with some of their delicious sandwiches including a smoked salmon and cream cheese with dill that was really good. Matt tried a burger from Teatime Collective which he raved about. We also tried chocolate doughnuts and giant custard cremes from My Cupcakes, a Nottingham bakery which makes beautiful cakes - all vegan and gluten free.

It was a great day, and vegan fairs are always a fun way to meet people and try new food. 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Great Vegan Challenge!

Being a vegan.... can you have your cake and eat it? Yep you can! Do you fancy a challenge? Go on, I dare you.....

If you're not a vegan but are curious about this dietary and lifestyle choice then there's no time like the present to try it out. Throughout November Animal Aid are running the Great Vegan Challenge. Once you've signed up you'll receive help and support for the whole month. You'll get :

 -       Advice on nutrition and vegan products
-       Recipes and motivational tips sent regularly
-       Access to an internet forum for swapping tips and stories
-       A telephone hotline for any burning questions
-       Information on exclusive offers and product give-aways
-       Sign-posts to resources in participants’ country and language where possible

Are you up for the challenge!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Frank Bars Giveaway!

Have you tried Frank bars yet? They're one of the newest vegan snack bars on the market and I was delighted when the company sent me a case to try.

The bars come in 5 flavours - oat, chocolate, orange, strawberry and blueberry flavours. They are a little like a Nak'd type bar in that they are made from oats and dried fruits. What makes them different is that each flavour is topped with a lovely chocolate layer and it's a a coconut based pro-biotic chocolate at that! I've found them a little more filling than most snack bars of this type so they've been great as an emergency breakfast or just something to 'put you on' until your evening meal if you're going to be eating late. They are low GI so they release energy slowly too.

The great news is that not only are the Frank bars vegan but they are also nut free and gluten free too. If you'd like to win some Frank Bars please leave a comment below saying what your favourite thing is to snack on. And don't forget to make sure I know how to contact you if you're a winner! The winner will be picked at random in a week's time.   
This competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winner Book and Cat Librarian.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Ten reasons why vegans should visit Manchester's Northern Quarter



I've been making the case why I think Manchester's Northern Quarter is one of the UK's best vegan destinations. I've finished my 20 Vegan Mofo posts and there's even more places with vegan offers that I've not managed to fit in! So, here's a shout out to places I've blogged about before - Earth Cafe, Oklahoma, Simple and Odd who are all well worth a visit too if you're in the area. To finish up Vegan Mofo 2013 here are my top ten reasons why the NQ is amazing for vegans.

10. Soya milk is everywhere
Loads of cafes in the Northern Quarter have soya milk so no matter where you are you can pop in for a brew. Or treat yourself to an incredibly good soya latte at places like Eastern Bloc or Icelandic coffee shop Taak.

9. Fab fast food
Even the dreaded fast food places are vegan friendly! Get a mexican treat at Barburrito or Panchos or visit the 100% vegan Go Falafel. And every knows chips are better up North.

8. Arts and crafts
It's not all about food you know! The Northern Quarter has a Vibrant arts scene. You'll find vegan musicians, artists and poets. There are great galleries and music venues. It's a haven for crafts, art and design. There are music and food festivals (including in 2012 the Northern Vegan festvial) and the craft centres, galleries and record shops have cafes that will welcome vegan culture vultures.

7. Cheap Curry Cafes
Indian food that is cheap and friendly to vegans. Say farewell to buttery ghee and creamy sauces and say hello to tasty spicy curries. These cafes are part of NQs charm and cheap as chips.

6. NQ is best but so is the rest
The Northern Quarter is just one tiny district in a bigger city. Step outside and Manchester can offer up legends like Mod's veggie/vegan cafe, high end veggie restaurants like 1847 and Greens, fabulous Middle Eastern food, Jewish deli's and Chinese supermarkets where you can buy 10 different kinds of tofu and stock up on vegan prawns! We even have a 100% vegan supermarket in the Unicorn Grocery.

5. Raise a glass
We've a long way to go with the labelling of vegan booze. Most places aren't doing it yet but in the NQ you'll find some who are leading the way. Try a vegan wine at Bakerie, use Barnivore to search out vegan beer from around the world at Beermoth and Port Street Beerhouse or try a locally brewed vegan beer from Marble Brewery at 57 Thomas Street.

4. It's radical and revolutionary Manchester!
The NQ is in a world heritage site within the city that brought you socialism, co-operatives and feminism. Manchester was the birthplace of the industrial revolution and led the way for votes, democracy and political change. Visit the People's History Museum or the Working Class Movement Library. Manchester was also critical in the development of modern computing and the world wide web, so Vegan Mofo wouldn't be happening without it!

3. Great places to eat with your non-vegan friends
Do your meaty mates refuse to eat vegan? Fear not because the NQ is full of brilliant mainstream restaurants that also quietly cater for vegans. Step forward Dough, Bakerie, Pie and Ale, Kosmonaut and Ning.

2. NQ = Cake Central
Sod the diet because Manchester's NQ is full of sweet treats. There's cheesecakes from Earth, baked goods from Fig and Sparrow, chocolate cake at the Craft Centre, hot chocolate at Bonbon or the beautiful creations of Lily and Dilly. And if you bake your own then you join the Cake Liberation Front!

1. V Revolution!
If you only need one reason to visit the Northern Quarter then make it this cafe and vegan lifestyle store. Sit back in the fifites style diner and indulge your fast food fantasies with a towering burger, juicy hot dog or a coke float. Join the V Revolution. It's all vegan and it's all gorgeous.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

V Revolution

If you've been following my Mofo posts where I've been blogging about vegan eats in Manchester's Northern Quarter you'll have noticed one name that keeps cropping up again and again. All of the people I interviewed picked out this place and it's dear to my heart so I wanted to save it for my final Mofo post. V Revolution initially opened as a record shop selling some vegan groceries. As time has gone on the shop has evolved and become a cafe too. It can be found right at the end of Oldham Street. Alongside the vinyl, zines and t-shirts you can pick up all manner of vegan cheeses, faux meats, snack bars, icecream, chocolate, marshmallows etc. And the burgers, oh my, the burgers......How about a mini mac?

Or a jack fruit based pulled pork sandwich with home made coleslaw.

Or a Schnitzel Royale with extra bacon.

This one is the Towering Inferno.

There's even a loyalty card for their specials.

In their unwavering dedication to produce the finest vegan junk food there's also lovely made on the premises pre-packed sandwiches in flavours like Chicken and Sweetcorn and Jerk Beef and Pickle - take that Boots Meal Deal! And of course let's not forget cake supplied by Lily and Dilly.

As well as sandwich cakes like this Ginger and Chocolate one there's often things like bakewell slices and brownies. On a special occasion like Manchester Pride you may even come across something like this!

The guys at V Revolution do a fantastic job of running this place and keeping us all well fed. They are also really supportive of local community and DIY stuff. There's a huge community noticeboard and leaflet table and regular gigs and art exhibitions in the shop. They also allow the space to be used free of charge for initiatives such as Manchester Vegan Pot Luck and Cake Liberation Front meet ups. We're really lucky to have somewhere like this in Manchester and it's a recommended must stop for any visitor to the city.