Christmas Foods

This weekend we've got stuck into trying some Christmas foods. Matt's friends from Uni came over on Friday night so we put together a buffet and they helped out with trying some vegan wines from Co-Op and Waitrose that I'll be reviewing for Can I Eat It? over the next couple of weeks. The stuff in the first picture is the frozen V Bites 48 piece buffet pack from the V Bites Seasonal range. This was quick to cook and contained samosas, pork and cranberry sausage rolls, duck spring rolls, mini quiches and two types of pizza bites. I wasn't expecting much from the pizza bites but I think they were my favourites out of the pack. Instead of a bread base they are pizza topped puff pastry and are very tasty. The spring rolls were interesting too and would go well with some hoisin sauce or sweet chilli sauce to dip them in.

We also had lots of salads including this colourful mango salsa, homemade red cabbage coleslaw, sundried tomato and kalamata olive tapenade and sunflower seed pate.

For the sweet section of the buffet we had seasonal Speculoos biscuits found in Quality Save and Luxury Black forest Stollen from Aldi which I was dying to try after spotting this review. I could only find the budget version (also vegan) in the Manchester City Centre store which didn't look that nice but was delighted when the Luxury version turned out to be right next to the checkouts. It's £3.99 and worth every penny. At the back of the picture was my baked contribution to the buffet which was the Cherry Chocolate Chunk mini loafs from Isa Does It made as muffins and served in cupcake wrappers with reindeer toppers picked up for pennies in Quality Save. These were a hit and I will definitely make them again. They're lovely and rich in part from the almond butter in the batter.

The weekend also coincided with the start of a rotten cold so I've not been doing much other than alternating between bed and the sofa watching tv. Yesterday afternoon we were watching When Harry Met Sally and I went to make a brew just after the scene with the wagon wheel coffee table. When I came back to the sofa an early Christmas present of a vegan wagon wheel was waiting for me!

Wow, these hadn't even been on my radar! It was delicious and even nicer than I remember wagon wheels being. It was also quite filling and I happily shared it.

I loved the attention to detail with the Eat Me stamp.

The chocolate drizzled on the back and coating the sides was nice and thick and good quality.

The inside is sandwiched with marshmallow and jam. I'll definitely be looking out for these again.


  1. I'm so slow, I still haven't posted about Matt's night singing! Bear with me tsk. Love the look of everything in this post, wagon wheels! Cor blimey! Hope you're feeling better soon too hon. Hope you can come out on the 14th :D xx

  2. What was your verdict on the rest of the VBites stuff? I've seen some mixed reports. Love the look of the Wagon Wheels - can you believe I didn't know plant-v existed? I'm clearly in need of spending a few quid there!

  3. Oooh I got some of that chock shot stuff and it tastes lovely! Yum! Thanks for the tip hon x

  4. Ooh glad you found some Choc Shot Michelle :)
    Joey - I've actually enjoyed everything they've sent (including stuff in previous post), even the seasonal cheezly which I'm usually not keen on. The only thing I wouldn't have again is the Gammon and Orange bites which were too heavy on the cloves.


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