Christmas Dinner Number 1

Apart from Christmas day I've not got any work's Christmas meals this year and I managed to be ill with a horrible lurgy and miss all the vegan Christmas meals happening in Manchester. I was starting to feel better though last Sunday so I made one at home. It was our first time trying a Vegusto roast. We chose the Porcini one and really liked it. It reminded me a bit of roast beef if I had to compare it to a meat. It was great with mustard and cranberry, stuffing, roast veggies and loads of gravy. On the side is some lovely Prosecco that I was trying for a vegan Christmas wine review.

I went for a light dessert rather than a pudding. These mango sorbets are from Lidl and were gorgeous. There's quite a lot of packaging in that they come in these plastic flutes but I've saved them to reuse as picnic glasses so that didn't seem so bad.

I still haven't decided what our main will be on Christmas day. What's everyone else having?


  1. Oooh yum. Vegusto sent me their roasts to review but the Porcini one is the only one I haven't cooked yet. I'm excited that it's kinda beefy, I think I'm gonna make it with a mustard mash and agave glazed carrots.

  2. Ooh yes, mustard mash would be great. It was the first roast we've tried so will look forward to reading your reviews Jojo.


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