Happy Kale

Happy Kale sent me some samples recently of their products for one of my Can I Eat It? reviews. At the moment they do two different flavours, BBQ and Carob and Coconut. They interested me as they are doing something different from the usual cheezy, cashew flavoured kale chips. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of these flavours but it was interesting to try something different. What I wasn't prepared for the sweet savoury thing which is even going on in the BBQ flavour. I even went out and bought some more of the Coconut and Carob ones to try them again. The second bag got me hooked.

What was different on the second bag was that I got past my expectations of what kale chips taste like. I forgot that I was eating a vegetable. The kale really isn't a focal point. Sure it provides a crunchy vehicle for the toasty coconut and caramelly carob flavours but just sit back and enjoy the ride. I was eating these at my desk on my lunch break when they suddenly gave me a massive taste memory.

Apologies for the blurry picture but it was the only one I could find on the internet of the original packaging. Spanish Gold - Sweet Coconut Tobacco! As someone who grew up in the Seventies and used to get 5p for sweets, Spanish Gold was a rare purchase. I think it cost around 5p a pack and I'd rather choose a mixed bag of 1/2p and 1p sweets than blow my money on one item. It was, in my eyes at least, considered a real luxury sweet but one that I loved on the few times that I had it. I seem to remember it being available in an actual tobacco pouch as well. Imagine my surprise to find that with the rise of retro sweet shops it is still available to order and what's more is vegan friendly! Although of course the advantage of Happy Kale is that it's not full of sugar too.


  1. Had forgotten about that tobacco. Amazing that children were sold pretend tobacco, candy cigarettes, liquorice pipes. Although to be fair I was regularly sold real cigarettes when my mum sent me to the shop to get them for her! Would be a social services intervention now!

  2. Liquorice pipes! I'd forgotten about them! I also remember plastic ones filled with sherbet that you could use as a bubble pipe once you'd eaten it.


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