Mochi Ice Cream

I spotted these on Goodness Direct and a few other places recently and thought they sounded interesting. Although I like Japanese food I've never really tried mochi but I love coconut based icecream and the flavours sounded really nice - strawberry, mango, vanilla, green tea, black sesame, chocolate and coconut. I had completely forgotten all about them though until the other week when I had a fruitless search scouring every Chinese supermarket in Manchester's Chinatown for agar powder. What every supermarket did have though was these. They all sold them in boxes of their individual flavours and in this mixed box. 

They were cheapest in the last supermarket I went in at £3.15 and seeing as that was more or less what change I had in my purse I saw it as an omen to buy them! The verdict - well worth a try but I'm still not totally convinced by the mochi bit. This is the outer skin which is made from a sticky rice dough. I think it was a textural thing and I might grow to like it! However, the icecream inside was a different matter and very nice with both the dough and the icecream carrying the same flavour. I've still got the strawberry and black sesame to try. The only one I wasn't too keen on flavour wise was the Green Tea which was a little bitter for my tastes but then I do only like weak tasting green tea. If you're having friends round for a Japanese meal or just looking for a really different, fun dessert these would definitely be worth hunting down.


  1. These look interesting. I love mochi, though have never found them stuffed with ice cream. It seems like it would be kind of strange.


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