I've been trying to sell my flat for the last six months but sadly have not been having much luck. Probably the fact that there's been a question hanging over things about whether the building was getting a new roof hasn't helped. The roof work is now definitely going ahead which is great news and I reckon the viewings will pick up once it's finished. In the meantime however another positive thing that happened is that an Indian Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant has opened just 15 minutes walk away. Yep, it's all veggie!!! 

It's called Sanskruti and is in the Ladybarn area of South Manchester. It's a family run business with extensive vegan choices. The menu is divided into Chats/Starters, Punjabi dishes, Gujarati dishes, Dahl/ Kadhi and then all the accompaniments of rice and breads. We tried a takeaway a few weeks ago. The round things at the front of the plate are Sev Puri which I loved and will definitely get again. Over to the left is Ringnan no Oro (a Gujarati aubergine dish), tarka dhal and half of a masala dosa. The takeaway menu didn't have a chilli rating but you can specify for most things to be made hot, medium or mild and without onion or garlic on request. I have an allergy to some chilli but I could eat everything here, hooray! I'm looking forward to working my way through the rest of the menu whilst waiting for the flat to sell.


  1. I always find going for an Indian far more tricky than it should be in London because of the ghee problem, so I'm really chuffed that you've got such a great place nearby. Are there vegan breads as well? I love a good naan!

  2. Not sure about the breads. Looking on the takeaway menu non are labelled as vegan but then neither is any of the rice even the plain boiled rice so some could be. We shall have to investigate further!


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