Birthday Treats

I had a birthday last week. Matt made me the lovely tea pictured below. Whenever we have a hire car we always try to make a trip to the massive B and M Bargains in Gorton. Last time we went one of the vegan treats we found was a vegan friendly pesto. Said pesto inspired the tea which was a puff pasty roast vegetable and olive tart with pesto roasted potatoes. I've never thought to do potatoes like this but we'll definitely be having them again. They were new potatoes that were boiled then tossed in pesto and then roasted in the oven. Mmm, really good.

In amongst my lovely birthday presents from family and friends were a couple of specifically vegan things I've been wanting for a while. I got my first pair of vegan docs.

And, the new cookery book by my cookery hero. I can't decide where to start with making stuff from it. Has anyone else made anything yet? As usual with Isa it all looks amazing!


  1. I love your docs! They are shoes rather than boots, yeah?

  2. Thanks, yes the shoe version. It's these ones, though I only paid 60 on Amazon.

  3. Happy birthday to you, and happy new shoes!

  4. Hi,
    I've made a half-dozen recipes from Isa's new book so far, from different sections. All good so far and, just as importantly, she really has done well in making the recipes straightforward and pretty quick.
    Beautiful book too!
    Late Happy Birthday!

  5. Excellent shoes, and ones that will last too. It was lovely seeing you both the other evening, I shall be posting about the night soon :D xx


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