Exciting News!

I was disappointed that Vegusto weren't at the Vegan Fair that I talked about in my last post although they'd been advertised on the poster. I'd gone with the intention of buying several pieces of cheese and had orders from friends who couldn't attend too. I ended up placing an order through the website because I really want some to take on a self catering holiday I'm going on in a few weeks and I also dropped them an email. They have very kindly said they will send some samples for us to try at this Saturday's Cake Liberation Front meeting! So if you're planning on coming down I'd get there early as I think it will be really popular!

Some other exciting news I had this week was a message from fellow vegan blogger Sally Kitten who is involved with the Adelaide Cake Liberation Front with the news that another CLF is starting up in Melbourne! If you'd like to start a group or hold an event where you live check out the mobilize section on the website for posters you can use. If you set up a regular group let us know too and we can put links from the homepage to your Facebook/ Twitter etc.


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