Best Porridge Ever

Sunday morning, Corrie omnibus, good coffee and a nice breakfast, that's what I like. Today was the turn of the Best Porridge Ever. Proper porridge oats (not the quick cook kind) made with water, rice milk, a bit of soya cream and some very thinly sliced banana. The banana sort of melts down into the porridge, try it, it is amazing. Stirred into this was some homemade apple sauce, a swirl of golden syrup, a sprinkle of walnuts and a dessert spoon of single malt whisky floated on top.

Last Sunday's breakfast came courtesy of my November UK Vegan Snack Swap. My partner was Jhenn aka The Vegan Ronin. The package contained a pack of amazing homemade seitan bacon or Beican. It was delicious and fried up nice and crispy for our BLTs. There were some other goodies from a recent trip to Italy including a biscuit bar that tasted like jaffa cakes and a lovely pain au chocolate. There was also a packet of bacon flavour popcorn! I don't have a microwave so I'm saving that for a film night over at my sisters. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the package I sent to Kel and I can find the link to her blog but it included mini marshmallows, syrup waffles, tempura mix and raw chocolate.

There's still time to take part in the December swap. I'm busy assembling a Christmas themed package to send out to whoever I get paired with. To sign up get over to the Too Happy Vegans blog by December 5.


  1. Please tell me that you got to eat the porridge in bed - any breakfast eaten in bed has got to be the best kind known to humanity!

  2. ha ha, not quite but there was pjamas, dressing gown the fire and a freshly decorated Christmas tree :)

  3. Oooh I totally wanna get Jhenn as a swap partner, that beican looks epic!


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