The Weekend in Food!

Saturday morning breakfast was coffee and delicious scones from The Lonely Scone, a fab local company that also offer vegan, gluten free and diabetic friendly scones and are at the Glossop Farmers market each month. We usually stock up and freeze some.

Followed by a little snack of Cremisso on ricecakes. This yummy spread tastes of apple and horseradish and is part of the brilliant stash of vegan friendly goodies Matt brought back from his Dutch tour last week.

Big salads with oatcakes for lunch followed by these delicious hazelnut chocolate dips I found in V Revolution.

For tea it was homemade pizza with double cheese (Vegusto Picante and MozzaRisella) and double meat (Fry's Polony and Wheaty Salami slices).

We went on a little walk up a hill to check out a pub we'd not been to before and were gobsmacked to discover this! We will be back to check out the vegan menu at the Hare and Hounds.

With nights out to live music events on both Friday and Saturday we needed a bit of a lie-in on Sunday and a BIG brunch. Black pudding, polony slicing sausage, tomato, beans, tempeh bacon, tofu scramble with added Vegg and a Derbyshire oatcake.

To walk it off we went to check out the Medieval Fair and rededication of the cross in the square in Old Glossop. If you've been watching The Village you might recognise the location, it's where a lot of it was filmed. The cross was damaged by a car recently but has been fully restored. One of the locals told us how there is now a time capsule under it created by current residents.

We were delighted that one of the stalls in the market was Missy's Vegan Cupcakes! We devoured the Chocolate Cake infused with Old Tom beer on the spot but the Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Split cupcakes managed to make it back to the house to have with a brew. These were seriously good cakes. If you're in the North West area I'd suggest checking out the Facebook page to see where they are appearing next!

Sunday tea was hotdogs, with fried onions, mustard and ketchup and a bottle of wine.

And one last treat with a bit of Sunday night telly. I picked this up form the Secret Society of Vegans stall at the Northern Vegan Festival. We were promised that it would be good and it was fantastic. Hope I spot it somewhere else soon.


  1. Yum, some great looking/sounding food! Especially the pizza and hotdogs ;)

  2. What amazing looking food, a great weekend.

  3. What an amazing weekend! I love those choc dips! I've never heard of a Derbyshire oatcake, they look amazing, and I can't believe you have yet another vegan friendly pub near you!!

  4. I can't believe we ate all that. No wonder I'm feeling sluggish this week.

  5. What a cracking line up of food. My mind is somehwat blown by the vegan black pudding - where does that even come from?! And so many good cakes, and a vegan friendly pub! I am jealous. Your description of lunch as hot dogs and a bottle of wine also made very happy - as a combinations go, it's a good one. Most things do taste good when accompanied with a bottle of wine!

    When are you down in London? And what's on your to-eat list?!

  6. Not sure when we'll get to London. Had two trips planned this year and had to cancel both! Manna, Inspiral, Borough Market and cookies and Scream are on the list of places I've get to visit but like the sound of! The V Pud is new and great although I know people who aren't keen! Like the vegan haggis it's actually made by a company who make the meaty version too. Looking at the website it doesn't look like it's made it's way down South yet but is available online. The blood is replaced by Beetroot juice.


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