A Vegan Food Camping Diary

A couple of weekend's ago we headed down to Dorset for the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival. It's the third year we've been and we knew that there wouldn't be too much vegan food so we filled the cool bag before we set off. I thought I'd do a little food diary of what we enjoyed over the weekend. Not pictured are several Marks and Spencers salads from the 2 for £3 range and also packets of Jamie Oliver ready cooked grain mixes. The Moroccan Apricot and Chickpea one is my favourite and makes a great picnic tea with some chopped avocado. We also had TLT bagels (BBQ tempeh, rocket and tomato) which somehow we forgot to photograph. We stopped for a service station pitstop on the way there as it's such a long drive, around 7 hours! This involved Costa Soya Lattes and a shared wholemeal pasty.

We kept breakfasts simply with a home made luxury museli mix. We bought a base mix from Unicorn Grocery and added loads of nuts and dried fruits. This was topped with peaches and pears and coconut milk.

A mid afternoon snack of delicious home made malty bread with avocados and some O Loves that I picked up for pennies in Home Bargains.

There were a couple of stalls selling things like chips, baked potatoes and beans and one that did a hummous platter which seem to be there every year. Although these things are suitable for vegans they're not the most exciting of meals so we were really pleased to see a new stall this year called the Veggie Patch. Pictured here are three different flavour falafels with home made hummous and beetroot relish as well as a tasty coleslaw served with pitta and flatbread. The food was fresh and flavourful and the stall was beautifully presented with the relishes and toppings being served from little watering cans!

A staple for me at festivals is chai tea. I was pleased to find the onsite cafe serving it and indulged in many cups over the weekend. Alongside this is a chocolate and courgette muffin that I posted the recipe for recently.

And finally the tasty home made bread in the picture above came from a mobile shop. It tours around the local villages and it was the first time that it had been at the festival but it was a brilliant addition. They specialise in selling locally grown and made products. I picked up some tea made from locally grown herbs and also this amazing artisan mint chocolate. This was a great find as the box contained two bars and gave us a nice little boost of energy at times over the weekend when we were flagging a bit.

I'm always up for suggestions for camping food so would love to hear them if you have any, particularly for things that don't need cooking!


  1. I'm generally a bit leery of camping because it involves being prepared, but you make it look very easy. I love chai (and muffins) and that bread looks really good.

  2. Great post, glad you had a good time. There's so much I can't eat at present I think I'd end up on chip butties the whole time lol. x

  3. I totally miss those pasties. And the M&S salad deals! I am also a lover (haha) of O Loves, they make a great plane snack. The bread you made to take with you looks wonderful too - I have literally never been that organised!!


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