Vegan Mofo Off Season Community - Pick 3

I had a fantastic time taking part in Vegan Mofo 15 and came across lots of great blogs. One of those blogs was Jennifer's blog My Blissful Journey. Jennifer had the idea to keep things going throughout the year between Mofo's by a series of blog prompts that people could sign up to. If you'd like to sign up to the Vegan Mofo Off Season Community then sign up here!
Our first prompt is called Pick 3. For my Pick 3 I've gone for sharing 3 vegan products which I am in love with at the moment.

Inspiral who are famous for their raw treats have just made some new additions to their range. They have come out with a lighter version of kale crisps and these coconut pecks. The pecks come in raspberry flavour too which are good but my hands down favourite are the Smokin' Pecks. Made from dehyrated coconut and flavoured with nooch, smoked paprika and lime these are quite simply a taste sensation. at around 80p - £1 these are a good price point too for a raw snack. I got mine from V Revolution in Manchester but they are pretty widely available in health food shops and online. Seriously get your hands on some, you will not regret it!

Also from V Revolution is the ichoc Choco Cookie bar. It's made by Vivani, a German company who make a large range of vegan friendly bars. V Revolution stock the range and I've been working my way through and this is definitely my favourite bar. Imagine bits of crumbled Oreo in a rice milk coating, so good!

Lastly these are not a new product but I don't see them very often, usually just at vegan fayres. I just did a shop at Vegan Store though for our holiday mainly to pick up some Vegg and an Anand's Round Up sneaked it's way into the online basket. It's like a superior version of a Wagon Wheel with 2 chocolate biscuits sandwiches with marshmallow and jam and then the whole thing is coated in thick dark chocolate. It's amazing and one will share well between two people. I'm imagining us having this next week with a cup of tea after returning from a walk on a wind blown beach!


  1. round up! I freaking love those. Every now and then I contemplate order a shit tonne of them but as I know how quickly they'd disappear, I don't do it! haha

  2. OMG! Look at those! What wonderful picks! WOW!!!! I need to find those!

  3. Alllll that chocolate <3 I love your choices for your 3 picks! And those coconut pecks sound interesting too, I wonder if there's something like that available around here...

  4. That last chocolate treat- the round up- looks so yummy! They remind me of mallowmars, which is a cookie topped with a marshmellow and covered in chocolate. I didn't eat them often, but I would love to have a vegan version!

  5. I want everything you mentioned! And i also want the raspberry coconut pecks too! The chocolate bar is making me drool! It's hard to find vegan milk chocolate!

  6. Choco Cookie sounds amazing! V Rev get all the best chocolate. As much as I love Round Ups, I kind of wish they didn't have jam in them.

  7. mmm. I love your snacky faves. Those Vivani chocolate bars are SO GOOD. I really wish they were available in the US. I've had a couple different Euro friends send me some for special treats. So delicious! I've also had two Wagon Wheels - they are amazing!

  8. I really like the idea of the off season community! Will have to sign up. I'm going to have to go and find some of those smoking pecks - they sound intriguing!

  9. Just stopping by to say HI!!!! Miss you and your posts!


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