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I am lucky to live in a small town that caters really well for vegans. We have Pico Lounge which is part of the Loungers chain and offers a vegan menu, Ayubowan Sri Lankan restaurant that has clearly labelled tasty vegan dishes and fab coffee shops like Twig in the station that offers plant milks and sells Ten Acre crisps. We also have a great independent health food shop in Peak Of Health and of course not forgetting the Globe pub where all the food is vegan and they even make a range of icecream! And now there is a new addition to the vegan offer.

One 17 Bakery closed in January and we were all worried that they might have closed down. I'd always liked their bread and Frank and Jane the owners are lovely. Luckily for us they had decided to take a few weeks off and were plotting the introduction of lots of new lines to the bakery. What they have done is something unique. As well as the standard range you'd expect from a bakery they now have a focus on low calorie, gluten free and vegan treats!

Behold the beauty of this vegan meat pie. It have to say that it was the nicest one I've ever tried. The pastry was absolutely superb. Look at how gorgeously flaky that pastry is, definitely perfect comfort food.

They are trying new things all the time. The other week I picked up something I'd never come across before, a popcorn cake! This chocolate topped confection was made from popcorn in a toffee brittle. It was a really unusual and fun treat.

I've been hearing good things on social media about their vegan Victoria Sponge which I've yet to try but I have tried a lovely piece of lemon sponge and we've bought the coffee cake below several times. This photo does not do it justice. I've tried a LOT of vegan cake in the last ten years and you don't often find any with such a good crumb!

In fact we like the coffee cake so much that we ordered one for Matt's birthday when we had both our families over. It went down well with vegans and non vegans alike. I've never seen my five year old nephew wolf down a cake so quickly and he wanted seconds.

And finally how gorgeous are these gluten free and vegan linzer style cookies. I woke up to a box of these on Valentines Day and yep we did have them for breakfast!

The vegan treats at One 17 are an amazing addition to our High Street and I highly recommend them if you want to order a birthday cake. Frank is a fantastic, experienced baker and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

EDIT - 5 July 2016
One 17 is currently closed whilst having a refit. They will be reopening under new management hopefully still with great vegan options!


  1. I have dreams about that pie. Just as I'm trying to lose weight too! The granola bars are fantastic too and I had a Mediterranean Foccacia bread too. So great to see a bakery trying new things. I know gluten free is a growing market but I think vegan/dairy-free stuff is still quite niche. So it's a risk for them. I really hope people in Glossop get behind it and it proves a good business decision for them. Hope they catch some of the out of town vegan crowd too who come for the Globe.

  2. I never favour savoury over sweet, but that pie looks fantastic! I'll have to check this place out one day.

  3. This place sounds amazing, how wonderful that they have introduced so many great vegan options. Nom!

  4. Mmm... that popcorn cake looks so yummy! It makes me think of the peanut butter chocolate popcorn balls I use to make.

    1. I've never seen popcorn cakes before. I was wondering if it was an American thing as Jane is from the US.

  5. The flakiness of that vegan meat pie is pretty amazing! Everything is so beautiful, I want it all!

    1. The pies are so nice that we put in an order for some uncooked ones and we've stocked our freezer with them :)

  6. Why isn't there a bakery of that sort of calibre in London? I love coffee cake!


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