Om Yoga Show

The Om Yoga Show was a couple of weekends ago. I went last year on the Saturday and had a great time so when I won a weekend pass for two people I was determined to make the most of it. The show is held in a big modern exhibition centre space and this year entry also got you into a Mind Body and Spirit fair in an adjoining room. Between the two fairs was an amazing vegan food court.

Matt is not into yoga but I persuaded him to come along for the food. One especially big draw for us was that Pomodoro E Basilico had a stall. We tried their food a few years ago when they were part of a pop up near the Shard in London on the recommendation of Joey from Flicking The Vs (thanks Joey). We loved their food so much that we have since ordered Christmas treats (including gorgonzolla cheese!!!) from their Etsy shop which you should definitely check out.

I went for this colourful, healthy Buddha box whilst Matt went for the seitan burger. When I went back to the show on the Sunday with my sister we both had the burger for lunch. Both of these dishes were perfection. I don't know how it happens that I can struggle to spot Matt in a room of other middle aged, glasses wearing bald men at gigs but Sara from Pomodoro remembered him from our one visit to them in London a few years ago! Weirdly this sort of thing happens all the time.He must have a really memorable face! If you ever get chance to try their food you must. They make everything including the sauces and bread buns, really impressive.

Of course there were some great sweet treats too over the course of the weekend. We took home this tasting selection of raw cheesecakes from Elspeth's Kitchen who are based in the Bath/Bristol area. The two chocolate slices were the stand outs for me and some of the best raw cheesecakes I've had. In raw food related news I am bubbling with excitement because this Friday I am starting a 5 day course in Raw Food with Kate Magic.

These amazing sticky toffee pudding cupcakes were from a company that was new to me called We Forgot The Eggs. On looking them up online I'm pleased to see they are North West based so look out for them at Vegan Fairs. Their stall had so much variety and everything we sampled was superb (Victoria Sponge, flapjacks and salted caramel truffles).

There was a plethora of raw chocolate companies at the show this year. I did a fair amount of sampling and picked out my two favourites to bring home. Almighty Foods are a Scottish company and I'd tried one of their nut butters a few years ago when we got a Christmas gift voucher for Scottish online food company Real Foods. I hadn't been aware that they made chocolate bars too. I always share stuff with Matt but not this one! He is going on a boys holiday in a few weeks so I've hidden it away out of sight for a chill out movie and choc night when he's away. Suggestions for current films/ box sets welcome in the comments!

I was also seriously blown away by the new filled Ombars. This one is long gone, haha. Ombar is one of my favourite raw chocolate brands anyway but they surpassed themselves with these new filled bars.

I did do some yoga honest! It wasn't all sitting around eating amazing vegan food. Hats off to Om Yoga though for the food offerings this year. I actually wrote on the feedback form last year that I was disappointed at the lack of vegan and raw food but there were no complaints this year. I did several of the free half hour yoga classes that run throughout the show and also a Thai Massage class with my sister where you worked in pairs. I also paid for a longer class with Dru Yoga that was focused on Ayurveda and digestion. Having to take morphine every 12 hours certainly compromises your digestive system so I'm on the lookout for natural ways to help it.

A couple of years ago I would have laughed in your face if you'd told me I'd get into yoga. I've tried to get into it several times over the years but never enjoyed it. When I blogged about my visit to the Yoga Show last year my friend Hillary at My Cat Loves Daiya blog left some links in the comments for me to check out which led me to the Lesley Fightmaster Yoga for Beginners 30 Day Challenge. The challenge starts gently with just 10 minutes a day and builds to 30 minute sessions. I now do yoga most days and find myself really looking forward to it. I can feel a difference in my mood and also my energy levels. If you've ever thought about trying yoga, this is a great place to start.


  1. That Buddah bowl looks so delicious! That's really great that Matt went with you even if it was just for the food! Those cheesecakes look so gorgeous and delicious. I've had raw sweets only a few times, but have always been blown away by how rich and decadent they are.
    That's so exciting that you're taking a raw course! Raw food always looks so delicious and tempting, but I think there is a real art to it. I can't wait to hear all about it!
    I can only imagine what morphine does to your system. I hope the yoga helps.
    I'm so glad you like Fightmaster yoga, and I'm so glad it's made a difference for you! I know yoga is very much a part of my life and it has helped me with so many things.

    1. I'm so grateful to you Hillary that you shared those links with me. I read my post about last years show and it shocked me how scared I was of exercise. Progress often feels slow but looking at what I was like then to now was a really good feeling. Lesley Fightmaster will always be my first yoga love but I also really like Yoga with Adrienne that you introduced me to as well.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, and that's awesome that they had so much vegan food this time! The cupcakes look really good!

    1. The cakes tasted amazing. It's not a flavour I've ever had in a cupcake before. I have actually searched in the past for a vegan sticky toffee pudding cupcake online but had no luck. I would love to know how they made them!

  3. I love Pomodoro e Basilico! Their food is so good, I'm a huge fan of the bad burger. I'd really like to try the new OmBar's too, I remember liking their regular bars and these sound even better.

  4. I remember your post from last year, mainly for all the good eating you did! I'm glad to see there's more of the same this year. And glad I could help with Pomodoro e Basilico! Now I'm having a load of cake envy! I'm not flexible enough for yoga, but I can get behind dessert!

  5. That is so great that there were so many food options. I went to a yoga festival a couple of years ago and the vegan offerings were fairly sparse.
    The yoga for digestion sounds interesting! My intestines are not the greatest sometimes. I can imagine that the morphine must really muck around with yours, I can't even take Nurofen plus without the codeine shutting things down!

  6. Another fan of Pomodoro e Basilico's burgers here! :)

    Those cupcakes look so good too.

  7. Wow, you did very well there! I was so jealous when I saw that Pomodoro e Basilico were going to be there, they're still one of my dream eats. I also had the sticky toffee cupcake from Forgot The Eggs at the Manchester Christmas VON fair. I'd highly recommend the meringues too if you see her again.

  8. I have seen Pomodoro E Basilico at Bristol VegFest a couple of years back and was impressed with their offerings, but sadly was tempted by another stalls food for grub, I will try there food next time though, esp as recommended. So funny that they remembered Matt from previous times, but he must have left a postive impression on them for sure :) I am not a yoga person and don't know if I would have gone to this event, but the food court would have excited me - oh and yes, I do love Elspeth cakes as well, so beautiful.

  9. Ah wanted to say, I am so envious - well jealous really that you are going on a Raw Course for 5 whole days wit Kate Magic - I want to go too. Look forward to reading about it soon.


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