Trip to the Big Smoke

Phew, the end of last week and the weekend were pretty full on. On Sunday my friend Jude and I hosted another babyshower for our friend Jan with lots of daft games and yummy vegan food. Before that I had a few days in London dashing around seeing exhibitions. And then of course there's the food.

Thursday night tea was from Mrs Marengos, the cafe and takeaway arm of Mildred's. On the way through Soho to meet my friend Helen a man tried to entice me into his establishment with cries of free lamb, free chicken! Now if it had been free falafel..... Anyway, Mrs M's is highly recommended. Lovely, friendly staff and reasonable prices. I had the burger of the day with a massive bowl of sweet potato fries.

Also, highly recommended and somewhere I've been wanting to visit for a while since reading about it on Siobhan's blog is the Gallery Cafe. And, seeing as Helen took me to see some work her pupils had done in the Sense of Place exhibition at the Museum of Childhood next door, we popped in for lunch. Again, great food and prices. I had a smoked tofu panini, H had soup and we shared a large bowl of fries. We made sure we left room for one of Siobhan's cupcakes choosing flavour of the month Cranberry and Orange. You can get the recipe here on her other blog.


  1. aw yay it's the cafe! Glad you had a great time, the tofu panini is one of my favourites. Next time you pop by come and say hello and I'll shout you to a coffee. Maybe you can bring the cake liberation front to the cafe some time, or come and teach a vegan baking workshop with us...

  2. wow, i've been so close and never realised the glallery cafe was there - thanks, i'll have to check it out x


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