Double Dough

I've blogged about Dough Pizza Kitchen before. If you want pizza in Manchester forget about Pizza Express and head over to this place in the Northern Quarter who also offer dairy free cheese and a choice of standard, wholemeal and gluten free bases. Whilst chatting to the owners the other month Dale and I found out they were trying samples from local companies to extend their vegan dessert options. They've always offered vegan ice cream but no cake up until now.

We suggested they try the fabulous Cocoa Emporium based in Afflecks Palace. Well, they did and Cocoa Emporium are now supplying two vegan dessert options. I've tried them both and they are both great. There is a chocolate and pear torte and a duo of chocolate brownie and peanut butter blondie. Both are served with a scoop of icecream with the peanut butter blondie being a particular favourite of mine.

It's so encouraging to see two local businesses working together like this. Neither of them are vegetarian/ vegan run yet both are acknowledging that people with different dietary requirements are part of their customer base. I've arranged loads of work, family, birthday meals etc at Dough because I know the food's great, everyone can be catered for and that those with the dietary requests and the omnivores will be equally happy.


  1. Wow, what an awesome place. I can't wait to go one day.

  2. This is vegan activism at its best. Lots of people (not to mention animals) will benefit from this. You rock!!!

  3. OOh, I've just checked out the menu! Kudos to dough pizza kitchen as well I wish I lived nearby!!!

  4. Hmm, very interesting! Their menu only has 2 potentially vegan pizzas on it though - are they amenable to a bit of diy with the toppings?!

  5. I usually tend to get the mushroom one as it's my favourite but I have asked for alterations before though and it's been fine and the menu does get changed occasionally. They've had things like a humus based one before and aubergine and sun dried tomato. I think this is the third version since they opened.

  6. this is fabby! i will deffo have to get down to Manchester in the near future!


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