Five Years

Today, my very good friend Dale and I celebrate our 5 year Veganniversary! During that time we've had some of the best meals ever, visited the fantastic Bristol Vegan Fayre 4 times, organised vegan events in Manchester (including the now legendary Basement Chocolate Fest), met lots of other great vegans ( we didn't know any 5 years ago!) and set up the Cake Liberation Front.

Dale had been vegetarian for a long time and didn't like milk so it's wasn't too big a leap for him. I wasn't vegetarian but had been gradually changing my diet for health reasons for about 2 years and probably ate vegan about 70% of the time so it didn't actually feel like a massive leap for me either. I think we both would agree that we probably eat a bigger variety of foods now than ever before! If you're interested in veganism I would encourage you to just have fun exploring it - go along to local social meet-ups, free food fairs etc and investigate the wealth of information available on the web. It took me a long time to decide if I wanted to commit to veganism and to use the label for my lifestyle but I still feel it's one of the best decisions I ever made!


  1. Happy 5th veganniversary!!! I would say I'm 99% there generally. If I could just give up pizza!! Any tips?

  2. Thanks Carol. I actually found that after a few months without dairy when I tried a piece of cheese again out of curiosity (because I'd read that your tastebuds change) I have to say it didn't taste the same at all and I really didn't like the taste - same with honey! Sometimes I make pizza without cheese or I rip up a few Tofutti Mozarella Style slices. I'm also lucky in living near a pizza restaurant that offers dairy free cheese too. The best dairy free cheese I've tried was Daiya in Canada and USA, hopefully it'll be available here soon too!

  3. wow, 5 years! what a great achievement! well done!:))xx

  4. Happy Veganniversary too! I can't remember how long I've been vegan, almost 4 years I think...your tastebuds definitely change. Dairy products are the hardest things to give up but now they seem so unappealing to me. Milk just smells weird!!

  5. Happy Vegan-Anniversary! It is similar for me, I have tried SO many new foods and dishes since becoming vegan, it has opened a whole new world for me. Going vegan was one of the best decisions I ever made to be honest. :)


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