Cake Liberation Front 6

Can't believe that this afternoon is our sixth CakeLiberation Front meet-up! We hold them bi-monthly and in November we will be 1 year old! I thought that the last one in July would be quiet with it being holiday time and the schools and Universities being closed but it was the best attended one ever and we ran out of space on the table for food! We are currently getting a set of badges made and I'll be doing a giveaway during MoFo for these and postcards and aprons.

For today's I have made triple chocolate amaretto cookies and lavender shorties which are both from the CLF recipe blog. The orange polenta cake is from Debbie's blog Maple Spice which is one of my favourite vegan food blogs and I highly recommend it for great easy to follow recipes. You must also check out her almond cheese recipe!


  1. Was the cake in my box the Orange Polenta one? It was gorg mc gorg!


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