Vegan MoFo 2011 is almost upon us!

After London I got sick again. Same stuff as before, boring and depressing but thankfully in the last few weeks something has really shifted and I am almost back on form. Getting a normal MRI scan was great news and a huge relief (it was suspected that I may have had MS). I've been having Bowen therapy and my workplace has been really supportive as have all my friends and family and it's all helping to get things back on track. I've needed a break from everything but I've just signed up for Vegan MoFo 2011 so I'll be trying to blog again as regularly as possible in October. I'm also going up to Edinburgh for a Vegan Society contacts meet up which I'm really looking forward to. I did MoFo for the first time last year and I can really recommend it. I found lots of my favourite blogs through it and great recipes and ideas. Anyone else going to sign up?


  1. Mememe! For sure! I really didn't put much effort in last year, but it was so great to hear from other people. Hope you're feeling better! Gah! It must be so horrible for you not knowing what your body is up to. I went to a natraupath who told me about a lot (a ridiculous amount) of food intolerances I never knew I had. I've been feeling much better since. Have a great day! Xx

  2. Yay, glad you're doing it too Sally. Think it might have been through MoFo we found each others blogs last year. I've just sent one of my friends a link to your banoffee pie recipe as she wants to make one for Cake Liberation Front on Sunday and could only find recipes with powdered soya milk in them which is nigh on impossible to find in the UK.Thanks for the well wishes, I am pleased to say I'm so much better and the Bowen therapist is really great and has given me lots of extra tips and exercises and things to do too. i found her cos I won a treatment in a competition - it seemed to come along just at the right time!

  3. I'll be signing up, like a crazy person.
    I hope you are feeling better, sounds like that Bowen therapy is a blessing! I've only ever had a little five minute demo of it, but I remember it seemed pretty awesome and powerful stuff. Sending some get well wishes across the sea!

  4. Thanks Susan. Have really been enjoying reading about your trip to the States and all the amazing food adventures. Look forward to your MoFo blogging.

  5. "it was suspected that I may have had MS" - I am SO happy for you that it was clear, I know how it feels to wait for results like these. You look great, hope you're feeling a bit brighter now too xx


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