Happy Birthday Elvis!

Last weekend was a really busy fun weekend. Tea was straight from work with Dale at Bakerie with a big dish of warming Butternut Stew and chunks of fresh bread washed down with a glass of Cuvee Gabriel Merlot. Next up was the Cornerhouse for The Artist a black and white silent movie for the 21st Century. It was great, go and see it!

Saturday was a trip over to Chorlton for my friend Dave's birthday tea. I asked him what he wanted me to cook and his response was 'hangover food' after one too many the night before! So, he got 2 veggie curries - courgette and tomato + potato and cashew nut. We enjoyed this watching one of Jan's Christmas presents - a DVD of one of The Cramps last live gigs.

Sunday saw a Scavenger Hunt round Manchester in the rain (much, much more fun than that sounds!) with the wonderful psychogeography group, The Loiterers Resistance Movement. Following that was a trip over to Glossop with Morag, Marie and Rachel (aka The Bloody Marys) to our friend Matt's house for Elvis's birthday tea. Matt is an Elvis expert and kept us educated and entertained with Elvis films and classic concert footage and well fed with burgers and chips.

Rachel brought some pink champagne and I made some Blue Hawaiian cocktails. The amazing Elvis cake in the picture was made by Morag. To start with it is shaped like a doughnut, how cool is that! The cake itself was chocolate chip and cherry with chocolate icing and the most amazing and moreish peanut butter and banana filling. Following the success of the evening Rachel has come up with the idea of taking the Come Dine With Me format and holding Come Rock With Me nights. Wonder what will be next!


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