This is Not Just Any Bangers and Mash

Peas by Birdseye, sausages by Linda McCartney. I'm not the biggest fan of the normal Linda McCartney sausages. Sorry Linda, I prefer Heather's but wow, these special edition red onion and rosemary sausages are excellent. I hope 'special edition' doesn't mean they are going to disappear from the shelves soon. Ignore the cooking instructions to bake or grill, these are great fried. The gravy has been doctored with fried onion and some left over Christmas Maderia, I could eat vats of it on it own!

And the mashed potato.... well we all have our favourite methods! Mine has been influenced by an old friend who introduced me to the whisk method years ago. You get wonderful light mash and of course you get to lick the beaters. Added to the boiled potato is unsweetened soya milk, vitalite, salt, pepper and that 'cat nip for vegans' - a couple of spoons of nutritional yeast. How do you make yours?


  1. I always put nooch in my mash too, yum! I'm going to have a look for those sausages tomorrow.

  2. looks really yum! I'm going in search too! :)

  3. Nice meal! I keep meaning to try noochy mash, next time def will.

  4. Nothing beats Mash Potato! Love it! :) xx


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