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I've eaten out a bit more than I usually do recently so here's a little round up. My friend Susan and I had a day trip over to Liverpool for her birthday the other weekend. We took in the Art of Pop Video exhibition at Fact and had a mooch around the Bold Street / Ropewalks area taking our lunch at MelloMello. I had a breaded mushroom burger with fresh pesto and the most amazing rosemary fries.

Susan chose a Thai curry with rice and nan bread. I think Mello has become my favourite place to eat in Liverpool. I was actually too full to have one of their vegan cakes after eating this!

Back on home turf Matt and I had a bit of a Japanese feast one evening at Samsi. This was the fab sushi course. The restaurant has a shop in the basement selling Japanese food so I picked up some sushi rice as it's ages since I've made any.

I met up with my friend Siobhan for tea at Tampopo. Like Samsi, Tampopo is a mini, independent chain of restaurants with pretty good vegan choices. I went for the Nyonya Tofu and Lime Curry. It was really nice. Again I didn't have room for dessert but was pleased to see that there was no less than 3 vegan dessert options.

In other news I won a grow your own Oyster mushroom kit from the Espresso Mushroom Company! This would make a fab present for the foodie in your life. The mushrooms grow out of a bag of recycled coffee grounds. All you vegan Brighton dwellers it could be your used espresso grounds that are fuelling my mushrooms as we speak! Mine are just starting to sprout and are being a little unruly not growing out from the middle like in the picture below but around the side of the box but the owner of the company has kindly given me advice via email so fingers crossed I'll still get a good harvest. I'll post an update on here.


  1. That mushroom pot is amazing! I'm gardenless, but I'd really like to be able to grow something like that in my kitchen. Definitely one to give a go!

    I'm traumatised by your being too full to have pudding! I think I have a separate stomach for these things...

    The sushi looks really good - what was the reddish stuff at the back?

  2. Haha, I know! I'm not one to miss a pudding either, don't know what's going on! The sushi was great. It was a veggie selection and the red one was to replace the one with a strip of omelette, it was red pepper tempura.

  3. The bun that burger's in looks SO good! I really want a burger and chips now. The sushi looks super delicious too.


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