There's lots of changes going on at the moment. At work. we're about to be completely restructured which means saying goodbye to a lot of colleagues I've worked with for the last 3 years and for those of us staying on there's the fear of the unknown and nervousness about what our workloads will entail given that there's a lot less of us. I've also spent last week doing all the necessary things to get my flat up for sale. It felt like a very welcome time to have a Bank Holiday weekend and I was delighted to get home on Friday to this fantastic meal that was ready and waiting for me! Matt had been getting creative with The Vegg.

The starter was was asparagus with hollandaise sauce and a side salad of mixed leaves.

Followed by Roasted butternut square risotto with roasted red pepper and rocket.

The pudding was a concotion of crushed bourbon biscuits, bananas, mango and caramel pudding which tasted like banoffee pie. All washed down with a vegan friendly Orvieto from the Coop.

The rest of the weekend has been quiet , though we did manage a 4 hour walk up a big hill on Saturday morning and then went to a gig by the legendary TV Smith on Saturday night. I feel like my batteries are recharged to go back to work and to hopefully start having some viewings of my flat! And, it's only 3 more weeks til we go on holiday. We've rented this cottage owned by one of the sponsors of the Northern Vegan Festival for a week. I can't wait!


  1. I love The Vegg! So far I've only used it to make fried egg sandwiches by hollowing out a yolk shaped hole in baked tofu which is obviously delicious but I need to try a hollandaise. Fancy!

    The cottage is adorable, have a fantastic holiday!

  2. I do like the look of that dessert- was the caramel pudding an alpro one?

    Another reminder that I need to try some Vegg - I think the hollandaise would be top of my list to try.

    Hope the work stuff works out OK. We had a similar thing where I work at the end of last year - I very much empathise how crap it is saying bye to good friends. Hope the cottage holiday can take your mind off it for a bit!

  3. Yes, the caramel pudding was the Alpro one and apparently there was a bit of peanut butter in there too!

  4. I have had a packet of Vegg in the cupboard for ages, but I keep forgetting to use it. Must see to that.

    Hope everything settles down at work. :/ Enjoy your cottage break.


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