Vintage Afternoon Tea

It was my very good friend Jan's birthday last month. I first met Jan in the mid 1980s. I knew her boyfriend at the time and the first time I met her properly was in the Hacienda. We were 17, I was a more of a punk and Jan had an amazing psychobilly hairstyle. On that first meeting she was also wearing an fabulous jacket and skirt she'd made from some 1960s curtains from a jumble sale. Check out my crimped hair!

Goodness knows how much hairspray we used to get through, though a sugar and water mixture was always good too!

It's fair to say that from an early age we've both been in vintage and DIY/ crafting and it's never worn off. So, when I saw this Secret Vintage Afternoon Tea Party being advertised that was her birthday present sorted.

We were greeted by our lovely host Gwen with a glass of rose lemonade. Coffee and teapigs teas were served throughout the afternoon and people were welcome to bring their own alcohol. Gwen regularly hosts these events in her beautiful home but this was the first specifically veggie one. She'd teamed up with Wendy Swetnam whose food I tasted and enjoyed last year when she was head chef at Manchester vegetarian bistro 1847. Just check out the menu for the afternoon. I was very excited to see that all of the sandwiches and the majority of cakes were vegan.

There were two long tables. I think there were about 20 guests in all. The table settings were great, a perfect blend of mismatched crockery and cutlery which spanned the decades and pristine embroidered table linens and napkins. I particularly liked the 1970's blue teacup on the right. I think Matt's 70's obsession is starting to wear off on me!

It was hard to choose a favourite from the sandwiches. I tried and liked them all. I think the cashew, rocket pesto might just have edged in front. The bread they were on was absolutely delicious too.

There was a selection of homemade jams to go with the scones and in the glass cup is a very moreish salted caramel sauce that you poured over the date cake.

Next to my scone with strawberry jam is a dainty square of blueberry cheesecake.

And last but not least here's Wendy's signature Gin and Tonic cake.

I really enjoyed the afternoon. It was such a different experience to have an afternoon tea in someone's house. I thought the pricing of £16 per person was spot on and I would definitely recommend it. There are plans for another vegan tea party later in the year and I'd be up for going again! Wendy also lives near me and has started running a supper club so I'm hoping to check that out too.


  1. Love those pics! I'd be terrified to dig out all my school snaps. Terrible fringes? Check.

    What a cracking present - I'd love to go somewhere in London that would be so crafty and vegan friendly. Where do you find these places? Are you on some awesome mailing lists?

  2. Joey - I found it when I was having a look on this website and Gwen was a contact for my area. Check it out, there's loads of groups in London. I clicked onto her website and discovered that she was doing a vegan friendly event!

  3. Thanks for coming! Joey - also check out for a list of supperclubs and secret tea rooms in your area, you'd be surprised how many there are around and more popping up everyday, good luck :)

  4. sounds yummy! i'd love to try that cheesecake...

  5. That looks so wonderful! I love it! The G & T cake sounds particularly amazing.

  6. Mmmm, the blueberry cheesecake looks so good. I'm definitely going to check out to see if there is a secret tea party in my area. Thanks for sharing

  7. Thank you very much for coming to our event! We are so glad you enjoyed it. Another one is planned for Sunday 6th October and I have upcoming dates at my supperclub too. All details on my website. Thanks again and hope to see you at another event soon. Wendy x


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