Green Gathering

Last weekend Matt was playing at The Green Gathering so we headed down to Chepstow just over the Severn Bridge into South Wales. The setting was beautiful, unfortunately the weather was not and neither was the woman who'd taken summat funny three tents away from us who screamed and ranted for most of Saturday night keeping everyone awake and making all the babies cry! We went to some interesting talks though (including one about Superfoods) and had what was the best vegan food of any festival so far this summer. My favourite was Gohan, a macrobiotic vegan cafe who served amazing and beautifully prepared Japanese food.

I had freshly made miso soup with this lovely sushi that came in a little bamboo cone. Matt went for the awesome salad platter. Everything on it was great and I need to figure about how to make those millet balls. The Gohan tent also looked beautiful, if you see them at a festival then definitely check them out.

The food at Gohan suited me perfectly as I'm allergic to some types of chilli and often the only vegan friendly food at festivals is on the spicy side. Matt on the other hand loves a curry and he enjoyed this tea of 'chapati and three' from Authentic Curries. The dahl and spinach curry were actually pretty mild so I was able to have a taste and can confirm that they were very tasty.

Whilst Matt was scoffing curry I went for the delicious pizza from Pan de Mania. This was cooked to order in a woodfired oven and was just how I like my pizza with a thin crispy base. The Vegan Garden pizza was topped with tomato sauce, olives, spinach, seeds and fresh rocket. They could teach Pizza Express a lesson or too!

My drink of choice at festivals even above beer has turned out to be chai! I tried it from three different sellers at Green Gathering. Everyone seemed to have a different approach. Some people made black chai and then left it to the customer to add cows or soya milk. One seller made a vegan one with rice milk but my number one was the vegan chai from the Buddafields Cafe. This was made with soya milk and already sweetened. It was just the thing to drink in the drizzly weather.

All the businesses mentioned do the festival circuit and I'd visit all of them again. Sadly our £25 Aldi tent managed to survive Glastonbury and Tolpuddle but not the Green Gathering. We are going to invest in a good one for future camping. Does anyone have any recommendations for a 3 person tent?


  1. On tents I am useless I'm afraid. As ever you have listed a job lot of food that makes my taste buds water! Yum! :)

  2. Can i suggest talking to John about tents? he loves them and would be delighted to give recommendations! A key reason I now enjoy camping is becuase we have a great tent, think its 3 person, its plenty big enough for us and our stuff. We also have the vegan camping breakfast and single pot supper sorted too! PS that sushi looks amazing x

  3. Morag, thank you! Will message John for recommendations :) x

  4. I'm so impressed you always manage to find these interesting and vegan friendly places in areas where I'd never expect them. Chai gets the thumbs-up too - it always seems to taste better from someone else than it does at home! If you've got a good recipe, send it this direction!

  5. Oh all that food looks amazing! Will have to try and get to a festival or two next year! X

  6. Such delicious festival food, I want that sushi now!

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