New Things

We're starting to get settled into our new house. We've got a huge long list of things that need doing. Having to have to get the whole house rewired means there's loads of redecorating to do and the front and back yards need work. I think it's going to be an ongoing project for the next couple of years. 

I've wanted a Vitamix ever since I first heard of them but felt I could never justify spending that much on a blender. I've been wanting to up my energy levels though so we decided to go halves on this investment on our future health!

We've had it about a month though and have used it every single day. It's mainly used for smoothies in the morning. We've been making great protein packed smoothies which have kept us going until lunchtime. The texture is amazing. I had a pretty good Kitchen aid blender before this but the Vitamix does take it to another level. I like to have a base of a banana, then more fruit and either some nut butter, silken tofu or alfalfa sprouts. I've started growing my own sprouts again and it is so cheap and satisfying to do. I also add to this a pre and pro-biotic powder and things like raw cacao, carob, maca and baobab powder depending on what the main fruit flavours are. There's also been some green smoothie action going on with the addition of kale and spinach.

Finally, isn't this just one of the best house warming presents ever. My sister and family got us this vegetable Elvis worktop saver. I think the aubergine hair is my favourite bit.


  1. ooo, I want a Vitamix but never seem to have the money. They Elvis chopping board is fab!

  2. Happy new house (is that a known greeting?!) I empathise with you on the new house stuff though - we moved to a new place recently and all the things we thought we'd have done months ago, they're still yet to be done. Also with you on the Vitamix thing - I've wanted one for ages, but could never quite bring myself to splash out, but glad to hear it's worth it if and when I do.


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