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We've bought a new tent. Last year we bought a cheap one from Aldi and it lasted us for the three festivals that Matt played at. The first two had glorious weather whilst the final one was a weekend of torrential downpours resulting in a leaking, ruined tent. So, this year we did some research and spent a bit more money on a tent that will hopefully last us many years. We enjoyed the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival so much last year that we chose it for new tents first outing.

We were hoping for a weekend of sun, cider and socialism. What we got on the first night was the worst storm that Matt said he'd ever camped in, and bear in mind he's been an avid camper since a teenager. I've got some amazing earplugs and managed to sleep through most of it! Luckily by Saturday lunchtime the weather turned and the rest of the festival was really hot and sunny. Here we are, two very pale people roasting away depsite the factor 30!

We knew from last year that there wasn't likely to be much vegan food so we came prepared with a cool bag full of sandwiches, M and S salads, mini cartons of rice milk, museli, crisps, oatcakes, pate and muffins. We had to buy our food from Saturday night and were able to find baked potato with beans and some not too spicy Indian food. Usually I struggle at festivals as the veggie food tends to be of the spicy persuasion which isn't good when you have a sensitivity to chilli and cayenne. It was also great to see a coffee van this year who had soya milk, teapigs teas and also sold fruit and popcorn. The festival finished on Sunday evening and we stayed with friends who've just moved down to Dorset.

Monday morning we had the luxury of having our breakfast on the beach at Burton Bradstock. what a fab start to the week! We've hoping to get several more nights under canvas before the summer is out and we're lucky as there's a range of nice campsites close to us in Derbyshire so we can head off after work on a Friday. Since we got back from Tolpuddle we've also bought a camping stove and pans and even this vintage folding table from a charity shop. Has anyone got any favourite vegan camping foods?


  1. Marvellous barring the storm and lack of food for sale. My favourite camping food is 'Beany Slop' - awful name, but that's what we called it lol. Very basic I'm afraid, but I love it so much I have it at home every now and again.

    1 tin of potatoes
    1 tin of tomatoes
    1 tin of beans
    1 chopped onion
    A few handfulls of chopped or torn mushrooms
    Some Soya/dairy free marg/oilive oil

    Fry the shrooms and onions in a big pan over the one ring and then add all the contents of the tins and chop in the pan with a big knife. Cook until thick. Thick is important.

    Works so well with fried or grilled vegan sossies, or vegan hot dogs just chucked in along the way.

    I love it on a butty, though it does get hotter than the surface of the sun.

    I imagine that adding soya mince or curry powder or vecon would be nice, but I like it as is. :D Glad you had a good time. Wer're off to Cornwall again next year, but this time in a borrowed camper van. How exciting! Michelle x

  2. I love that pic of you two, you both look so happy! This post popped up at just the right time because I'm literally just about to go camping! We leave in 30 minutes!

    I always try to take muffins or savoury scones (the tomato rosemary ones from Vegan Brunch are delish) for breakfast as well as stuff to whip up pancakes - I just mix all the dry ingredients before we leave and add the soya milk and water once we're there. Delicious with sugar and lemon for an easy fancy looking breakfast. I also love a classic fakon sandwich and (and this is pretty dirty!) Smash with nooch and hot dogs.

  3. I'm a complete tent dodger - it's been a long time since I've been camping, but that view and the weather there looks great. Tinned soup and tinned beans would probably be a camping food staple for me.


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