Freedom Relaunch

Anyone who's vegan is likely to be aware of Freedom Mallows, the veggie friendly and affordable marshmallow company. I blogged about them last year when they'd just launched. At the time they were manufacturing just a vanilla flavour marshmallow but have since gone on to expand the range. The vanilla ones are now available in both white or yellow, there's a strawberry flavour and they've also launched mini marshmallows in both white and a mixed bag of pink and white.

The mini marshmallows are perfect for hot chocolate. I would love to see these being offered by cafes. The great thing about this brand is that as well as being veggie friendly they are also halal and kosher and approved by the Coeliac Society.

And remember, marshmallows are not just for munching on or for drinks. They make a fantastic baking ingredient. Rocky Road is really easy to make and is always a crowd pleaser, great for parties or pot lucks.

You may have noticed the change in packaging? They have recently relaunched changing their name to Freedom Confectionery and retiring the bunny characters and introducing new character Cedric the Sloth! The marshmallows are widely available in independent health food shops and also Holland and Barrett and are the perfect Autumn indulgence.


  1. The new packaging looks a lot better! I'm wondering if they're supplying Lazy Day with their mini marshmallows for the rocky road bites? Need to get my hands on the mini ones now that the weather is getting colder :D

  2. Hi, I was reading through your blog archives and found the recipe for earl grey biscotti. i really want to make them but can't see in the recipe ingredients where the tea is listed- can you tell me how much tea to use? Thanks!

    1. Hi T-man, apologies for the mistake. I've updated the recipe now. Thanks for letting me know. It needs 2 teaspoons of Earl Grey tea.

  3. I love sloths so the new packaging gets my approval!

  4. I love the vanilla mallows and the strawberry mallows, I never manage to bake anything with them though!

  5. I have a couple of packets of marshmallows in my cupboards that I need to be using up from these guys. I have the perfect recipe for it, just waiting for the right occasion to make it!
    I would love to get the mini marshmallows over here.

  6. They are a good price for vegan mallows. Hopefully the new packs will state they are vegan in big letters.

  7. I have two bags in my cupboard! Love these guys.


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