Lotus Vegetarian Revisited

I know I blogged back during Mofo about our first visit to Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen but now that we've been back twice more I can't resist sharing some more pictures and urging you to visit if you're anywhere near Manchester. The restaurant is in Withington which is a bus ride south of the city centre. It's a vegetarian Chinese restaurant where the majority of the dishes on offer are also vegan. Here's just a sample of some of the food we've tried.

Steamed veggie dumplings with dipping sauce.

Vietnamese spring rolls. Possibly the nicest spring rolls I've ever tasted. Not pictured but I can also recommend the taro rolls.

Not the most photogenic of dishes but this tofu and aubergine hotpot is a real star turn.

I've seen other people on Facebook rave about the chicken skewers in satay sauce and I have to agree that they are a must try dish. You can also try them as part of a sharing platter combo.

This final picture is of the stuffed three treasures which consisted of peppers, aubergine and stuffed tofu and was beautiful to look at and delicious tasting.

I've always loved Chinese food but in the 8 years I've been vegan have struggled to find any veggie dishes that taste as good as the meat ones I remember. Until now that is! I'm already looking forward to my next visit.


  1. It all looks really good! I find there are so many mediocre chinese vegetarian places around where I live, it is always exciting to find one that is fantastic.
    I love tofu and eggplant hotpots.

  2. I'm crazy about braised aubergine, the Chinese places we've been to sometimes do it perfectly and that all looks scrummy. We're going in December, was the satay at all hot? Or any of the spring rolls? Or anything not marked as hot, ending up hot? Hehe. You know me, the slightest heat and I'm in trouble. Great post, thanks again Caroline :D xx

    1. I'm the same, can't tolerate chilli. In all our visits everything has been fine. The menu has things marked as spicy. The only issue we had was the 3 treasures (last pic) on our recent visit that came with chilli scattered over it. Matt ate most of it and the pieces were big enough for me to pick off. I'm not sure if it was a mistake. I would definitely order the dish again but specify no chilli. The satay and spring rolls are fine, we've had both several times.

  3. Oh god, this place looks perfect. I love that the dumplings are my fave steamed and fried kind and the tofu aubergine hotpot is totally what I'd have ordered. It's also good to know that the spring rolls are good, I hate when you bite into them and it's just air and a few bean sprouts!

  4. Dumplings are another favourite here too. Squidy inside and crispy outside = perfect combination. Given how much good veg*n Chinese food there is out there, it's a surprise there aren't more veggie places.

  5. That hot pot is one of my favourites. I've been so many times now, it's my new favourite restaurant!


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