A Trio of Christmas Dinners!

I've been lucky to have not one but three amazing Christmas dinners this year. The first one was the week before Christmas at Topaz Cafe in Ashton. I've blogged about Topaz before as it's a favourite lunch spot of mine and Matt's but they don't usually open in the evenings so this was a special festive one off. To start with Matt went for a lovely velvety smooth leek, chestnut and sage soup whereas I opted for Asian Tofu. I have to say that this was some of the most amazing tofu I've ever tasted. The texture was perfectly crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. It was really infused with flavour and there was a very tasty coleslaw on the side.

Our main was a cranberry and cashew nut filo with all the trimmings and a fantastic gravy.

Dessert was a sticky toffee pudding with icecream and the meal was rounded off with coffee and truffles.

Christmas dinner number two was organised by Manchester Vegan Society and was hosted by Martin the Mod at the Thirsty Scholar pub where Mod runs his veggie, vegan cafe. It's a few years since I've been to one of Mod's festive feasts but they are legendary. Put it this way you need to eat very lightly in the daytime! There were two starters - a tasty tomato soup and this cheezy, veggie bacon filled large mushroom with salad leaves. This was simple yet really good.

The epic main contained not 1 but 5 different mock meats!!!! You've heard of the meat sweats, I think we all had the seitan sweats by the end of this. I must say I don't eat a lot of mock meat but I really enjoyed this and there was a great selection of veg, perfectly crispy roasties and lots of gravy (always essential in my book).

Dessert was a traditional Christmas pudding served with a choice of brandy sauce, white sauce or soya cream. I went for the latter. I always forget just how much I like Christmas pudding which is just as well as we've got one in for Christmas and then Matt's won another one in a tombola at work!

There was homemade mince pies and chocolate mints to follow but I was so full I had to take these home to enjoy the following day. Our Christmas dinner at home came courtesy of Matt winning a Vegusto voucher in a competition during Vegan Mofo so we went for their Special Vegetarian Roast Stuffed with No Moo Cheese.

There was enough left to have Christmas dinner round two on Boxing Day! What did you have for Christmas dinner? Did you go for a traditional roast or something different?


  1. Looks gorgeous. YUM! I posted our dinner on the blog and managed to eat a fair plateful despite my tum which was ace. Glad you had a good one Caroline *smiles*.

  2. Oh my gosh, it all looks so good. Three times the fun!
    I had a pretty low key Christmas, we had a vegan roast you can buy in the supermarket here that is nothing fancy but is nice, and some veggies and salads.


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