Vegan Life - Issue 4

I have to say the thing I am enjoying the most about Vegan Life Magazine is the selection of recipes in each issue. I've tried out recipes from each issue and been delighted with them all. I blogged in my issue 3 post about the salad recipe I tried and I've since made another from the same issue with this amazing roasted broccoli salad below. This was seriously restaurant standard!

From issue 4 I've already bookmarked a wheat grass guacamole, fruity chocolate cake and a gorgeous looking spinach and potato curry. There's one thing I've already made though, the amazing almond butter fudge.

The weather was terrible last Sunday and we decided to have a rare day on the sofa watching box sets. I nipped into the kitchen between episodes of Portlandia and this came together in minutes. The recipe serves 8 but as there was just two of us I quartered all the ingredients and this made a small box of fudge which was just right for two people. It needed an hour in the fridge to set then it was good to go. Wow, seriously, this is amazing fudge and semi healthy with the coconut oil and almond butter with the sugar just coming from the chocolate chips. I will definitely be making this many more times!

As well as recipes there's the usual wide mix of articles ranging from beauty products and tips to interviews with inspirational vegans to information on animal farming practices. We're all familiar with what goes on in dairy and egg farming but there were informative articles in this issue on lesser discussed practices such as angora wool farming and the plight of Moon Bear who's bile is taken from them to use in traditional Chinese medicine.
It's encouraging to see that with the current huge rise in interest in the vegan lifestyle that the magazine is going from bi-monthly to monthly after only 4 issues. It's available from various newsagents and supermarkets or by subscription as a digital or paper copy. The current subscription offer even includes a free vegan perfume.


  1. That's the fudge, hey? I think I'll have to check out the mag. How good is Portlandia!? I love it. :) xx

    1. Loving Portlandia. Just watched series 1 and 2 :)

  2. With a little help from you and your posts about the Vegan Life magazine I went and bought myself a subscription, I couldn't miss out anymore! I'm so glad I did, its a great mag :o)


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