Vegan Burger Day - 28 May - Get Involved!

Much as I love a good 'meaty' vegan burger like those that Frys and Vegusto make I am also a big fan of the home made vegetable based veggie burgers. Last Summer Matt and I worked our way through the burger recipes in Isa Does It and they were all excellent. We even had a bit of a theme going with Burger, Beer and Bakeoff nights, enjoying our burgers during episodes of The Great British Bake Off. This first one is a Black Bean Burger topped with gucamole and crushed nachos.

Alongside this Bistro Beet Burger we also had the curry fries from the book.

I think these Olive, Lentil and Mushroom burgers were my absolute favourite. As burger season is coming round I've been looking at my copy of Lukas Volger's 'Veggie Burgers Every Which Way'. I bought this book on holiday in Portland a few years ago and I've never actually made anything from it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Apparently 28 May is National Hamburger Day in the States. I was unaware of this until I got an email from Belgium vegan food blogger Kristel of Tofu Party blog. I came across Kristel's blog a few years ago through Vegan Mofo and I think it's one of the best vegan blog names ever! Kristel is working for the Belgium Vegan Society who have decided to start a Vegan Burger Day on the same date. There's a Facebook page for this here. So come on everyone, let's get involved. Dig out your BBQ and get a few non veggie mates round to show them that there are tasty alternatives


  1. I'm totally up for this! I don't need much of an excuse to make some burgers, but if there's a special vegan burger day, I'll definitely get involved. There's got to be gherkins though right? The gherkins are a non-negotiable thing for me!

    1. I'm not a gherkin eater I'm afraid but we always have them in as Matt loves pickled anything. Now red onion marmalade that's another thing!

  2. I haven't made any of the burgers from Isa Does It yet, even though they look very good!
    The US seems to have a day of the year for every single food you can imagine!
    On the 28th I will actually be in the US!

    1. Ooh, you lucky thing! Will look forward to reading about your trip. And yes I know what you mean about a day for everything, I've just read that today is International hummus day!

  3. Now we're talking! Vegan Burger Day, so I've got 10 days to decide which burger I'm going to eat. I feel a experimental cooking day coming on..... :o)


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