Kitchen Art

We've been in our house for a year and are slowly doing it up. We had to have a really extensive rewire which left the walls and ceilings in most rooms in a bit of mess so there's still a lot to do. The first room we got round to painting was the kitchen and months later we've finally we've got round to hanging our collection of food related art. A colour that united all the pieces was orange so we've gone for this Morrocan Flame colour for a feature wall with the rest of it white.

I love text art and I bought this 'What do Vegans Eat' print from Herbivore in Portland when I was on holiday there a few years ago. You can still buy it online here. For $12 for a hand screen printed print it's a bit of a bargain.

Excuse the reflection in the next few pictures which were taken on my phone. This print was a little more expensive as it's a limited edition print from British artist Jo Peel. It's of the Henderson's Relish Factory in Sheffield. If you're not aware of Henderson's it's a condiment similar to a veggie Worcestershire sauce which gets used loads in our house and is great splashed into soups, stews and gravy. The print is now sold out but Jo has loads of other great ones. I really love the tower block prints of the Balfron and Trellick Towers in London.

This piece isn't artist produced but is actually some framed tupperware labels from the 1970's that were Matt's grandmas.

Finally, we've wanted one of these for ages and I've been searching eBay for old cafe boards with no luck. I spotted one on the counter of a coffee shop in Manchester with their drinks prices on and asked the staff where they got it from and they pointed me in the direction of a shop fittings shop a few streets away. The cobs/barms refers to the regional variations in what Matt and I call bread rolls. Does anyone else have any food related art work?

My friend Sarah sent me a picture of this fab drawing that her dad did one evening when they were sitting in the kitchen sharing a drink and putting the world to rights. The text at the bottom reads 'My other cooker's an Aga'. I love it!


  1. That cafe board is so cool!! I'm a fan of the Herbivore screen print too, I almost bought it on a tote when I was there.

  2. I love the cafe board, that is such a nifty idea. :)

  3. ha! You've just reminded me how much I love Hendersons and how I haven't had any for way too long! And very approving of the cafe board too (it's barms, right?!)


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