Nothing But Review

I recently got sent some bags of Nothing But fruit snacks to try. My initial thought was that I'd save them until my twin four year old niece and nephew came round as I thought they'd appeal to children but I'm afraid the kids didn't get a look in! The snacks are made from freeze dried fruit slices. The fruit is cut up, the water removed and then it's bagged up. Simple. This leads to a very low calorie (between 34-45 cals per bag) snack with only naturally occuring sugar. The bags are light weight so would work equally well in a lunch box or as a travel snack.

In my office we have a snack table that is constantly full of sweets, chocolate and biscuits. Seeing as we have two vegans and a coeliac on the team, people are really considerate and often add things that appeal to all. Whilst I'm not immune to the temptations of the snack table I do try to limit my afternoon snacks to fruit rather than sugary treats as I find it's better at keeping my energy levels up. The flavours I tried were Strawberry + Banana, Pineapple + Grape and Apple + Fig. I really enjoyed all of the combinations. The Apple and Fig flavours blended really well together and the Strawberry and Banana had a nice contrast with the strawberry being almost wafer like and the banana providing a contrasting crunch. I think my favourite though was the Pineapple and Grape combo which was super sweet and almost sherbet like! I've tried fruit crisps before and not been keen as they've been a bit oily but there is no oil used with these. The company also make a range of vegetable snacks too which sound interesting. I'll definitely be adding Nothing But to my afternoon snacks in the future and I'll also be getting some in for my niece and nephew to try too!


  1. I've tried a couple of the Nothing But snacks before when they came in Vegan Kind boxes, and I really liked them. The veggie ones were really good, considering they were just freeze dried bits of greenery!

  2. There are many online stores from where we can get the Small Office Healthy Snack Box and good thing is that these snacks are also available for vegetarians and the vegans.


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