PLEASE READ - Let's Help Hillary and Her Cats

A few years ago I asked friends both online and in real life for help after my friend Jan was badly injured in an accident on holiday in Uganda and an insurance loophole meant that we had to fund raise to pay for a medically assisted flight home. I was so proud when so many people I know stepped up and made it happen. I am asking for help again. Can you spare the price of a coffee, a beer, a bottle of wine? Can you spread the word of this campaign on your blog or social media platform?

Vegan bloggers you may well know Hillary. She often comments under the name Vegan Peace and she writes the blog My Cat Loves Daiya. Hillary lives in Seattle and has had a run of bad luck. She moved to Seattle a year ago but then unfortunately experienced a relationship breakdown and loss of work. She was left with a twelve month lease on an apartment which she lost a week ago. She is homeless and has had to put her family of cats into a shelter. Anyone who has read her blog knows what characters these cats are and how much they mean to her. I'm not going to go into all the details of her background as I don't think that's my place but she has no family back up and no friends in a position to help other than to offer a temporary floor to sleep on at present.

She is a fighter though and she has managed despite being emotionally battered by this situation to get back into work. She is furiously trying to save to get money together to enable her to lease a new place and get her animals back. As the animals are in a shelter, time is of the essence and I know this has been very hard for her to do but she is relying on the kindness of strangers and fellow bloggers.

Please, please, do what you can to help. Here is a link to her Go Fund Me Campaign. Thank you for reading. x


  1. Thank you for spreading the word

  2. No problem and thanks so much for your support x

  3. I cannot express how thankful I am for all you've done. You are a wonderful, caring person!

  4. Donated, tweeted, and hoping she's back on her feet soon, and the cats are back where they belong

  5. I'm going to contribute blowing her fucking commie piece of shit head off.


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