Festive Recipes

I had hoped to come up with some new festive recipes this year but it turns out that morphine therapy is a bit of a bugger and whilst it is definitely helping to lessen my cough it's also totally zapping me of energy. On top of that there's random bouts of stomach cramps and nausea and my appetite has not been great. I am delighted though not to be coughing so much. So instead here's a little round up of some previous recipes from past years.

Home made truffles

This is such a quick and easy recipe. I have managed to make a batch for gifts. They are inexpensive to make and taste great. You only need a tablespoon of liqueur/spirit so it's a great recipe for using up the ends of bottles. The recipe calls for a tablespoon of soya cream but I always find I never end up using the rest of the carton so I just sub with a tablespoon of whatever plant milk I have on the go these days and that works just as well. Recipe is here.

Winter Spiced Tea Loaf

I've not made this tea loaf yet this year but I will prob make some after Christmas when I can pick up  jar of luxury mince meat for pennies when it is on sale. I found some with chocolate in it last year which was lovely! Recipe for this is here.

Amaretti-style Biscuits

I love Amaretti biscuits but have never seen a vegan recipe for them until now. I found a copy of Easy Vegan by Sue Quinn in a charity shop a few months ago and snapped it up. I couldn't believe someone had given it away! The book only came out last year and I'd made a couple of recipes from it when they were featured in Vegan Life magazine which I had been impressed with. I was so excited when I spotted this recipe and I can report that they are a great veganised version of these classic little Italian biscuits. They have just the right flavour and crunch. I've  whipped up a batch and bagged them up in some little cellophane bags from a craft shop for gifts. I'd planned to make more stuff for gifts but life just gets in the way of plans sometimes.

I'll be back in the new year with a review of the brand new Pizza Express that's just opened in Glossop but until then wishing you all lots of Vegan love xxx


  1. I hope you feel better soon and get your energy back!!

  2. Happy Holidays! That tea loaf looks delicious. I've been trying to make a point to have afternoon tea every day. It seems like such a lovely custom and a fine excuse for a sweet treat mid-day.

  3. I hope Christmas gave you enough time to rest and recover a bit of your energy. Those truffles are such a good idea - I need to make a big batch and sit back and enjoy with the world's biggest cup of tea.


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