Vegan Cake Outreach

Giving people samples of delicious vegan cake has got to be one of the easiest and most successful ways to change people's perceptions of a vegan diet. For the last couple of years I've also used it to entice people to buy raffle tickets for the annual Animal Aid Christmas prize drawer. For every £1 ticket people buy they get a 'free' cake. I usually have the cake there at the same time as the raffle tickets but I wasn't very organised this year and only ended up bringing in the promised cakes, well muffins actually, this Monday.

I invested in one of these Cupcake Couriers a couple of years ago. I've put a link to the cheapest one I can find on line. It's brilliant for using on public transport although bus drivers often seem to think I have a cat in it, lol, and start telling me all about their cats! Mine is affectionately known as the Cupcake Car Park whilst my sister calls hers the Cupcake Hotel. They always cause a stir when we take them into work. In fact I ended up giving spare cake away this week to people from other departments who came over just to see the courier increasing the cake outreach even further!


  1. I love that Cupcake Carrier. I might get one and call it the cupcake caravan! I love reading your blog so I've nominated you as a stylish bloggger.

  2. Thanks for the award Millie andI love the name The Cupcake Caravan!

  3. The Cupcake Hotel is so funny! I could definitely use one of these. Taking cakes on public transport is a treacherous business! xx

  4. tell me why i feel like this<><><>i am so misssing fish and chips<><>it has been 40 years since eating fish and chips in a news paper{cod} and i know that is supposed to be a garbage fish<><><>last time was in salford with my grandpa{he was born in salford}>>>and i can't stop thinking about it even though i do know newspapers are out for wrapping them now and salt and that oil they use over and over is bad for me<><>but i can see me salting them and vinegar on the top and sitting on a curb outside with my newspaer full of fish and chips and i haven't felt that in 40 years any place i have been, ecept right there in salford<><<respond since you are a tea, syympatico and put me at ease or please shoot me

  5. Hello Putz, That sounds very 'Salford', eating chips out of the paper sitting on a curb! Salford chippies are the best in the world so no wonder you still have strong memories! As kids we used to take our plates in and they'd warm them and give you a chip on a fork to eat whilst you were waiting for your order!


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