Yay, it's Saturday!

Wow, this has felt like a long week. I was more than ready for spending some time with friends and having a few laughs this weekend! Saturday mornings are my time to bake and make a few meals ahead for the week. Today was a big pan of sweet potato and black bean chilli and a lemon and chocolate chip cake. The lovely stained glass in the background was made for me by my friend Sarah who I went to visit in Vancouver and travelled to Portland with last October.

Next up was a breakfast/brunch and leisurely cups of tea at the Thirsty Scholar with the Manchester Vegan Society crew.

The weather turned out nice so at 4pm a few of us ambled across town to Afflecks Palace to the Cocoa Emporium for more tea and their fabulous vegan cupcakes.

Back home it was chilli with all the trimmings for tea - guacamole, salsa and nachos with a cheezy sauce.

I'm planning a cocktail do in a few weeks for friends who have birthdays in April. It's going to be a tropical theme and I've been trying some recipes out. Tonight it was the turn of Mexican Bulldogs which are equal measures of tequila, kahlua and soya cream, stirred with ice, topped with coca cola and garnished with a sprinkle of cocoa powder. I managed to find a willing victim tester! Mmm, these are yummy.


  1. It's such a great idea to cook some food for the week on Saturday mornings. Looks like you had a wonderful Saturday!

  2. mmmm what cheezly sauce recipe do you use? i have never quite settled on a favourite x

  3. Hi M, It's from Veganomican and is a nutritional yeast based sauce. I usually make half the ammount.Here's an online link to the recipe


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