Pet Rescue

After a long but beautifully scenic train journey to Portland we checked into our hotel then headed out for the evening. Dinner was at a little Mexican place called Santeria where I had a vegan burrito as big as my head! The food was good, cheap and filling and the owners friendly. Sarah got a shock when she went to the bathroom and it was via the lap dancing club next door!

Next stop was the Tugboat Brewing Company just next door. It's a micro brewery as well as a bar. The owner was a friendly guy whose dad is from Manchester too and he let me try some samples before buying. We decided to have an early night and went to catch the bus back to the hotel which is when we met Princess the chihuahua.

Princesse's owner was trying to get her to the vets as a cat had scratched her eye and she was breathing shallowly. The driver wouldn't let her on the bus as she was wrapped in a blanket and not in a pet carrier as per their rules. Sarah managed to persuade him to let her put Princess in her handbag and the driver relented. Hope she's ok now.


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