Happy Halloween

Over the years I seem to have accrued quite a collection of Halloween decorations. When I was younger I always loved this time of the year as it was half term and the kids on our street used to make up a Halloween play and rehearse it all week and then pack everyone's parents into someone's living room to perform it. My sister was in Ali Bongos magic club so she might do some tricks and we would serve Draculas Blood as a refreshment - a secret concoction containing Vimto!

Day of the Dead decorations from a trip to Mexico. Celebrated just after Halloween on All Souls Day.

The cake is a belated cake for one of my friends who was 40 whilst I was in Portland. I sent him a Facebook message at the time telling him to put in an order for what flavour he'd like. He said he felt like Alberto the frog in Bod picking a milkshake - showing our age there! He went for coffee, so this is the coffee and walnut from The Cake Scoffer decorated with chocolate covered espresso beans from a little box I got in Cafe Nero.


  1. Cake looks yummy! Coffee and Walnut is my Dad's favourite! Hope you had a happy Halloween x


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