Highlights of Portland

Just a few more highlights from our trip.

Sunday morning breakfast at the Tin Shed. A popular spot where you have to queue to get in but they give you free coffee whilst you are waiting. Here's my tofu scramble with grits.

The fabulous Stumptown coffee shop. You can get their coffee at many other places in town but it's worth checking out their own place and it's right near Voodoo Doughnuts (we sneaked some in). Make sure you order your drink as 'extra hot' if you want it at British temperatures!

Cocktails at the Doug Fir lounge which is also a great gig venue.

The vegan mini-mall. We had cake and coffee at SweetPea Bakery. I purchased a huge bag of white chocolate chips at Food Fight Grocery. I bought a cardigan and poster from Herbivore and managed to leave my bracelet in the changing rooms. I emailed them that evening and they replied with a lovely email and sent the bracelet back out to me at no charge the next day. If you've not seen their stuff before check it out - very nice quality.


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