Manchester Weekender

It's the Manchester Weekender. For the next 48 hours there's all kinds of art happenings. From interactive art to new music, bicycle tours to boat parties to midnight cinema, from art picnics to the art underground. Over 30 organisations, 8 international festivals, 100s of artists and dozens of venues. I'm not going to get to see much. I'm busy meeting up with an old childhood friend I've not seen for 20 years and visiting the twins at the hospital out in Wigan. I did get to attend one of the launch parties this evening though at the Masonic Hall and witness the performance art piece above involving a half naked shrink wrapped man!


  1. This looks so cool! We had a visit to the Manchester Art gallery today to see Recorders by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. I had so much fun and the Pulse room is beautiful

  2. It was quite bizarre. Members of the public have applied to be shrink wrapped. One of my colleagues is going to do it a couple of times this week. I haven't seen Recorders yet but have heard good things about it.


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