Twenty one years ago I was an exchange student at a University in upstate New York and got to expereince an Amercian Thanksgiving down in Long Island. Twenty one years later I arrived in Vancouver just in time for a Canadian Thanksgiving!

Sarah cooked a fantastic meal and did me proud with a Tofurkey Feast. Mmm, wish you could get these in England. It was great and came with stuffing in the middle, gravy, dumpling stuffed with cranberry and a tofurkey jerky wishbone! And for dessert there was berries and this amazing Coconut Bliss vegan icecream in pineapple and chocolate. It's soy free and made from coconut milk instead.


  1. That's so awesome that you went to study in New York. That icecream sounds so good. Can you get it in the UK?x

  2. It wasn't New York city but a little town in the Adirondacks about 7 hours drive from NYC! For a night out we used to go over the border to Montreal which was only an hour away. The border crossing was called Blackpool!

    Looks like the icecream is only available in Canada and the US at the moment :( There is Coconice in the UK that was on Dragon's Den and I think is coming to supermarkets soon. I've tried it from a healthfood shop and it was nice but this stuff is amazing. It's made with coconut water as well as coconut milk.


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