Bed In with the Cake Liberation Front

I'm working hard at the moment to get ready to launch a new vegan baking group next month - The Cake Liberation Front. The website will launch when I get back from Vancouver so more details to follow soon. Two events are planned for November. There will be the first of a series of Manchester bi-monthly social meet ups for baked goods sharing at The Friends Meeting House, Behind Central Library, 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS. This will take place on Sunday November 21 between 3.30 and 5.30.

Before that though the Cake liberation Front have been selected to take part in the Bed-In at the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool. We will be there in the bed on Sunday November 7, between 11-4, plying the public with vegan muffins and giving away our recipes. The Bed-In is to celebrate the 70th birthday of John Lennon and there will be various groups performing non-violent actions with the bed between October-December.


  1. How good is that! I am doing the Esperanto Bed-In the day before, Saturday 6 November, and I am a vegan. I'll visit you on Sunday and swap recipes. More at

  2. Excellent! Unfortunately, I won't be in Liverpool on the Saturday but it will be lovely to meet you on the Sunday. Come and meet us for muffins! When I put another post on Scouseveg yahoo group nearer the time I will make sure to mention your bed-in too.


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