Flour Power!

My friend Davo has been working extremely hard on the graphics for the new Cake Liberation Front. Here's the poster for our Liverpool event.

We will be giving out samples of vegan muffins to the public, giving away recipes and leaflets and showing the new Animal Aid film. We want to wow the public with our baked goods. I have a couple of favourite muffin recipes in mind - the mocha choc chip from Post Punk Kitchen and a Cranberry Panetonne muffin recipe from Urban Vegan which I can't find on the website any more so I'm glad I printed it off. It's from 2006 and the archive only goes back to 2008 and it's not in her cookbook. Do you have any favourite recipes you could share with us?


  1. Love the poster. Teh cake liberation front sounds amazing, wish I lived there so I could come along. I've got loads of good cupcakes recipes, think they're all on the blog so take your pick.

    Best of luck with the event, I look forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. Thanks Siobhan. When the website is up and running the plan is to have posters and flyers on it to download which just need dates, times and venues to be written in then other 'cells' can start around the country. London of course has inspired us with the cake swaps held by SSOV and Too Happy Vegans!


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