Main Street

Yesterday we had a great time strolling up and down Main Street. This street is full of little independent fashion and design stores and thrift shops. First we visited Front and Company which is a great place for thrifted designer items. Sarah hit the jackpot and came away with a Prada skirt, Marc Jacobs trousers and a Loeffler Randall dress at a fraction of the original price. In another shop I found a fantastic red spotted fifties circle dress but sadly no ammount of trying would get the zip to do up! However, in the same shop I found a similar era cheerleaders jacket in red, white and blue that according to the embroidery belonged to someone called Kathy Carroll at ICHS and that will be accompanying me home.

All that shopping was hungry work so we had big bowls of veggie food from The Foundation. Sarah had a maple chilli which came with flatbread and multi coloured cornchips which was good and filling. I went for a warm green salad which consisted of wilted greens covered with tofu and quinoa, drizzled with a sweet, spicy satay sauce. It was excellent and I will definitely be trying to recreate this again when I get home.


  1. Sounds like your having such a lovely time! Well done on the thrifting!


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