Have you ever been to...

Vancouver or Portland?

I'm off to Vancouver on Saturday for 2 weeks to stay with my friend Sarah, an old friend who emigrated there after college. We've always kept in touch and met up when she's been back to Manchester to see her family but this is my first trip there. We are also planning to get the train down to Portland for a few days. If anyone has any suggestions of what to see and especially any vegan places not to miss, please leave a comment. Ta.


  1. See my blog! I actually went in July but only just got round to blogging both places!

  2. i've been to portland, and loved it. I'll try and remember what i did there! a friend sent me this the other day which looks glorious http://sweetpeabaking.com/?page_id=4 hope you are ok, guess i wont see you before you go, much love m x ps mr mono is being suspicously good at the moment

  3. Veganefcliz - thanks, that's brilliant. I'll make a note of your recommendations and take it with me :)

  4. Ah, cheers Morag. Has been a bit of a hectic and stressful time recently but all seems to be settling down now and the twins doing ok. Tell Johnny Mono if there's any mischief he'll have to come home!


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